Here's how the China trade war might affect American retail

Matt Shay, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss how the U.S. China tariffs might impact the retail sector. Also at the table is Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.


21 thoughts on “Here's how the China trade war might affect American retail”

  1. president Tumor gives tax cuts to the super rich, and the deficit grows. To counter that, he levies a tariff which is a tax to the 99% consumers. So you and I are paying for the tax cuts to the super rich. And Tchump the entire time blames immigrants and foreigners. Tchump supporters got conned again.

  2. Everyone is ignoring economics 101. I can not comprehend the logic behind this trade war by Trump and them hawks. Unless the 25% tariffs is applied to everyone, no job in China is going to America. Even if China agrees to what Trump wants, the end result is much more jobs will be created in China than the USA. The goods deficit with China will not decrease, but increase. The only positive way forward is to decrease trade and investment restrictions on both sides. More economic interconnectness and integration.

    Trump, Bannon, Bass, Navarro, Bolton, Pompeo and etc are all lying idiots that is already accelerating America's decline. Try to make the tariffs permanent even with a deal will only spread the deficit to other countries and China will come out on top anyways.

  3. If the American people knew what was best for them, they would help collapse the USD, get rid of the USD's monopoly and all your problems will be solved. We have the biggest opportunity in mankinds history to improve life on earth and its called Bitcoin. The information age did something that no one saw coming, it made people less skeptical. Educate yourself on this corrupt financial system and you will learn that Bitcoin returns human equity to humans.

  4. Retailers could cut their Chinese imports and seek alternate non- Chinese sources to maintain profit margins. Better to seek U.S. manufacturers that produce what China produces. If there’s none now, then start making them here now!

  5. China will be challenged on price from goods coming from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Mexico and others. They don't want to lose market share to those countries and will be forced to reduce prices and thereby their profits. Stop your pathetic whining America and use some commonsense!

  6. ?????Wow what a lot of bullcrap… Oh poor me the Chinese and yet give her a white man to marry she would feel like she won the lottery why should anyone listen to this idiot because she feels all the power of life is between her legs as a woman …why should anyone listen to the Chinese scream or any aisans they are racist toward Blacks until money is a leveling field only in some cases where the choice of an Asian woman is either marry a poor Asian or take the opportunity to marry a Blackman with a great job and money.. bunch of dragon worshipers and the Chinese are just as racist toward black people and that's a fact, they only care about fitting in white saociety and having a white man which is ok, but let's just stop playing the victim, Chinese ain't no different then any other culture who given the chance would enslave people to rule the world I'd it's only because white Europeans are doing it For NOW!! This is where things seems to be a problem .Hello .. the truth hurts but Shame the devil and tell it like it is not the way people want to clap for.amen here is the key USA needs to get the same Americans that are there with the help of tailors and whatever voids are created by a trade war … Pfft it don't matter if the cat is Black or White as long as it catches mice ( old Asian saying by aisan priminister ) this all a good saying until the cat thinks he can only have access to all the mice and no other cats can have an equal share, let the war begin there is nothing to fear but fear it self, bring on the Chinese racist and American Racist and let them kill each other off hurry.

  7. Most people are still gonna buy items even if the prices go up like 2%. Look how much Apple charges for their iPhones and people still are crazy to buy them. The only things like food or gas are the things most people don't want to spend more money on.

  8. 将欲歙之,必固张之;

    China is setting up a big trap for the US. In the next few years, the US will have to add US$1 trillion per year to its government debt to sustain the bubble economy. What would happen when the American workers start to ask for a pay hike? The US is going to face a very "funny" situation, employees are asking for salary increment while the employment rate is dropping.

    US$1 trillion of additional government debt per year, how many more years can the US afford to do so?

  9. CHINA 

    No matter what  happens  in the CHINA deal  the DON wins  

    If China   refuses or delays  then the tariffs still go into effect / are enforced and the deficit goes down 

    If China  capitulates  then the tariffs   goes on automatic pilot  and the deficit goes down 

    The left  hates this deal   cause they didn’t dream it  

    Their  objection will hurt America  and the American people  just to spite the DON  ?? 

    This is why the  Dims should never lead again as they  are more interested  in their own selfish  POWER    than the American people  – The immigration  problem   is an example of this  poor liberal management  /  judgement  and this  solidifies   it  ??

    Punish the smart and reward the dumb  is the liberal  mantra

  10. chinese is good for bussiness no good for power. in bussiness alway earn a living from generation to generation or born to be bussinessman from ancestor. trade war US win first will lost in long term. nobody will doing lost bussiness. BUSSINESS IS NOT A WAR FROM CHINESS KNOWLEGE. THE DEAL IS PROFIT OR LOSES. IF PROFIT A LITTLE CHINESE WILL MAKE A DEAL.

  11. Let the US try to move their production site from China to other Asian Countries.
    1. Poor human resources
    2. Poor infrastructure
    3. Poor supply chains
    4. Poor political stability
    5. Labor strike, sectarian conflict, Corrupt Government Official, and so on.
    None can replace China in term of production cost.

  12. 鹿死谁手无人知,但知彼知己百战百胜也。首先中国不惹事,但也不怕事,交易差额不是中国的问题,是美国自己的问题,如果硬是要把问题圈在中国的颈上,那么就准备好中国如果还击。

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