Global FOMO, Prices higher on BTC & XRP in Japan, Ripple David Schwartz Consensus 2019

Prices have a premium purchase price in Japan as the Global FOMO takes hold.

May 13-15; Consensus brings together the leading visionaries, developers, executives, investors, educators and more to lead the charge to determine the future of blockchain and digital assets. Whether you’re building innovative dApps, educating newcomers, running brilliant companies, or disrupting entire industries,…


44 thoughts on “Global FOMO, Prices higher on BTC & XRP in Japan, Ripple David Schwartz Consensus 2019”

  1. Eri, as always I appreciate your input. These are my thoughts on crypto if I may. Most crypto is a utility and not a company. This is where people who claim marketcap are mistaken. It isn’t a company but rather a tool used by the masses (hopefully). But anyone in their right mind wouldn’t use a tool that doesn’t do the job l. Only a handful of coins have proven that they have a job to do and can do it effectively l. Bitcoin isn’t one of these tools. Although I do still own some, I believe that it’s only a matter of time before that tool is deemed broken. Now which coins are tools that worl? Xrp, vet and a few more. Also, the crypto world views it as a all or nothing game. That is furthest from truth. I just hope people start viewing everything how it truly is.

  2. back at 30 cents now, it briefly went up 3 cents, and the xrp community went crazy for one day!, xrp wont be more than 50-75 cents for at least a couple of years, theres not going to be an xrp explosion!, thats been and gone, its not going to happen again!

  3. XRP was suppose to moon

    But we found very soon

    It bounces and follies to keep you Jolly

    Some thinks it time to jump ship

    Instead if buying on the dip

    If it matters to the masses

    XRP Army's holding, so kiss our Asses

  4. Just a matter of time before XRP value significantly rise plus once people realize how long BTC takes to transfer in addition the cost people will quickly change their tune to the beat of XRP

  5. Today's "Fluff" on LINE Creators App was an absolute delight! Thank you for sharing. I have just signed up for LINE and the creator's account. Sometimes you just never know where inspirations get triggered.

    My Line is CGIXii, and hope you will be the first friend all the way from Japan.

  6. IN 2017 XRP stayed at .25 cent range through the entire bull-run until December 12th , 24 Days later XRP was at 3.50. KEEP IN MIND That on December 12th BTC was already up to $17,000 when only a month earlier November 12th BTC was at $5500. #HODL

  7. Quite a bit of chatter building up that this is a manipulated pump to dump from Bitfinex / Tether / some Whales – forcing price up so they can off load – came across a recording of some of these guys laughing about pumping along time zones which is whats happening. So not sure if Fud or something to be aware of.

  8. Hi all. Sooner or later the US will get regulations in place and it will move the markets significantly. And the sooner the better, lol. I wish I could work as slow as the US lawmakers and regulators.

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