Flexa SPEDN Bitcoin at Whole Foods / Bakkt News / eBay Crypto Update / Microsoft DID Bitcoin

While I have absolutely no hard proof of this whatsoever, it’s almost as if the price pumps and the news releases are all artificially coordinated. And no that’s not some sour grapes because I got rekt in a short trade, I still don’t have a good entry for that yet so that’s a separate topic entirely. Here are some of the unusually big news that all seems to have come out at once.



14 thoughts on “Flexa SPEDN Bitcoin at Whole Foods / Bakkt News / eBay Crypto Update / Microsoft DID Bitcoin”

  1. Chris, look like you echo my comments few hrs before your episode published "Surprising how all good news is coming in one go." in a WhatsApp grp 🙂

  2. Again Chris, I gotta bring up WAX. It's bread and butter are digital assets. It's already successfully running real transactions of collectible shoes, magic cards, gaming skins, etc. eBay has missed the boat and I imagine they wouldn't have anything ready for a long time. WAX has their mainnet in 7 weeks… Cool to see some potential competition in this niche of the market.

  3. Saying you still dont have a good entry for a short 2 days after making a video titled: "Why I'm Thinking About Short Trading Bitcoin Right Now"… Seems disingenuous. But its your channel. good luck.

  4. Haha, I can assure you ebay are not considering accepting cryptocurrencies, all that is currently being talked about is allowing sale of digital collectables – not the same thing at all

  5. SPEDN only exists on iPhone, not Android?? This is exciting news?

    Just like Coinbase's debit card, SPEDN requires we keep our crypto on the Gemini exchange in order to spend money. They convert our bitcoin to dollars for the merchant at point of sale. Why is this being spun as a new market development?

    What about "not your keys, not your crypto"?

    When Whole Foods and others let us pay via lightning do we have legitimate news about real adoption.

  6. Regarding the news seeming to be coordinated, I’d say it’s more likely that many of the companies have been delaying their announcements for a confirmed bull run or what seems to be one.

    On Flexa, i see the coin pumped some from yesterday. Got me wondering if that coin is something that anyone can use or if it’s an infrastructure type coin and prIce is useless

  7. Dont short as Binance is being slaughtered from last week. CZ need to pay almost double to pay back the 7k bitcoin too. I think that Major Exchange stop working can lead to dump or pump.

  8. Hi Chris, I love your show.I have a suggestion for growth + improvement: new applications to STOs and blockchain that happened during the Winter. I am not saying these are significant, or that they are any different than scammy ICOs, but I have noticed more unusual applications for blockchains and crypto, like tokenized real estate, or tokenized equity. I think these deserve more attention.

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