Facebook's Secret Cryptocurrency

What’s the Zuck up to this time?
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29 thoughts on “Facebook's Secret Cryptocurrency”

  1. A facebook crypto can and will never be a viable currency.. At the most it can act as a token system, but not a global currency.

    Why.. A currency needs to be able to be inflated and deflated on demand. Meaning. Whenever production and demand for money increases, the currency flow and abundance must follow. If it does not. It will cause deflation of set currency, making it an investment item rather than a currency. Therefore it loses its intended purpose. "a thing you use to trade with"
    Thats why you need a government or a central bank to control it.

    The small year by year inflation you see, is in fact a good thing, and secures the validity of set currency. (valid for trading) if a currency fluctuates or starts gaining value, it stops being good for trading.

  2. all this blockchain and cryptocurrencies technology are new for all of us so FB will make it mainstream and easy to use and yes we should trust FB why would we not? FB is a visionary company!

  3. i lost a job offer due to Facebook. it wasnt what i posted, it was what i didn't post. my would be boss at the time brought up my Facebook page and saw it was more or less blank. i more or less made a comment of ''i guess i'm on Facebook now''.and he saw that and told me i wouldn't be the right fit for the job. this was like 5 years ago and it was for web data

  4. Personally I treat Facebook like a virus, not having any of their software on my PC or mobile devices, and exclude my activities from their web services, They have proven time and again they simply cannot be trusted,

  5. It's a gas light move. If it goes well enough fast enough, it allows the rest of the world to operate like China already does with their social media.

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