Ethereum LIVE : ETH is Over $200! Bitcoin @ $8,000. Episode 508 – Crypto Technical Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and RIpple (XRP) Analysis. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency News.

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5 thoughts on “Ethereum LIVE : ETH is Over $200! Bitcoin @ $8,000. Episode 508 – Crypto Technical Analysis”

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  3. You need to check your crash logs. Also make sure your crash logs are set up so you can get useful information. Also after that make sure all your drivers and Windows are up to date especially Your Nvidia driver's. I'm sure it's a software issue. Funny thing i once had a problem like that and it turned out to be that garbage EVGA GPU software which i found out with a simple Windows crash log. Good luck and i hope you find a fix. This kind of issue should be figured out especially if you built your own PC, something like this isn't acceptable at all.

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