Erik Finman the Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire EXPOSED

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Lets talk about Erik Finman, the smuggest personality and youngest millionaire in our space. He claims to live the millionaire lifestyle…

Now this isn’t my typical exposing video, there is more too it than that, Erik Finman is someone whome is by all accounts a fake persona. He is not the Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire infact he is not even close.



44 thoughts on “Erik Finman the Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire EXPOSED”

  1. Thank you for sparing us more monotonous Bitcoin technical analysis! we can all see what it's doing right now which is not much of anything. Your human interest content with coverage of the characters in the space is great.

    As for altcoins, if I'm not using them in my everyday life or developing solutions, I don't see a reason to hold them.

    BTW. Nexo is awesome! Moved some bitcoin there, borrowed USDT against it at recent highs and I'm now using those funds to buy the dip. It's like using leverage without the risk of being blown out. And when the price increases again the loan effectively becomes self-liquidating. As an added bonus, tax liability is minimal.

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