13 thoughts on “Don't leave money on the table by waiting to invest”

  1. CNBC is so biased it's pathetic… Of course, they make $$ from advertisers as well, so they have a vested in interest in sucking in sheeples. Of course, they absolutely hate crypto, and it's allways about Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc…. all day long.

  2. There is no wonder why this new millennial generation feel they can throw the Bible into the trash. It would seem that the Bible holds no reality check in the times they are living. Not only can they get their president out of a Godfather movie they can replace the human spirit with something found coming from outer space. To be part of a collective is the only reason why common sense can take a nationalistic point of view with the children of today choosing to be tattooed together as they go through life. To be part of the family (even a Borg family) has got to be better than being homeless and dying alone.

    Writing all this has got me thinking about my own life once again sorry to say. Living in and out of my car growing up I had plenty of time to do this. I am old now and a new generation is starting to pass me by which always happens when you get old and a younger generation starts to show new ways of thinking. There's a couple of things I would like to ask of your generation that has got me stymied. One of those things is tattoos! For the life of me, I do not know why beautiful people think by painting their bodies they can get more beautiful. Living out of my car so much I found I could get some rest and peace of mind if I drove my car to Connecticut got out in Kent and started walking the Appalachian Trail. As a homeless person, nature lifted my soul when I could sit on the top of one of her mountains and look for miles over the beauty of the Housatonic Valley and pick blackberries out of the bushes. People your tattoos just don't do it the same way for me. Another thing is God. Living in my car being chased out of city parking lots by the police, I come to learn I could do better for myself (and less of a burden on society) if I wasn't being harassed by convention and legal interpretation living in our times. Simply put, I come to learn that society turned me into a burden that nature kept me out of. When truth including inalienable rights is on your side you do feel better about yourself. I found I had purpose in God to nature when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. This is new for me I never got married so I want the millennial generation to call me uncle Mark and this is why. This is my question to all my nephews and nieces of today, do you really believe you have purpose in your God? Along with tattoos to bully someone to lower his or her self-esteem, you also bring a mistrust in human nature along with you as you show up in my world telling me what it is. I am dying alone now which for most of you would be a nightmare. I have no family or friends to call on but with what I am seeing now I feel fortunate I have learned a respect in my life than most people just don't have in their own. Maybe money is your answer but for me, it only made me needy. Common sense and the laws governing nature including human nature is what worked for me. So once again my children (LOL) do you have purpose in your God. If not I wish I could bless you with homelessness but it is against the law and it's just not going to happen. I have learned some people are afraid of the water just because they can't swim. Children of God, don't be afraid of your human nature just because you can't walk. Life can still make sense even without the tattoos you want your feelings to come from. Good luck with the bomb by the way my generation left it behind so you would have a better meaning with killing yourself (if this is still what you want to do). Next time try not voting for a narcissistic president to rule over who you are inside, I'm sure if you want to blow yourself up you will learn to do it in your own way with your own friends. Try to be good to mother nature she is the only girlfriend you'll ever know that's as real as dirt. By the way, life can be fun try passing on the bomb to the next generation and see what they can do with it LOL… Trail Mark

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