Do Not Buy Bitcoin when its up big and FOMO into a trade. A lot of people get FOMO when Cryptocurrency makes big moves and they end up buying the Top and Selling the bottom. If you’re going to buy Bitcoin wait for a nice solid Pull back and use a stop loss. If you’re not buying the Dip then your buying the top! Be careful out there my friends.



44 thoughts on “DON’T BUY BITCOIN FOMO!”

  1. @ $3000 they say wait, @$4000 they say wait, @$5000 they say wait, @$6000 they say wait,@$6000 they say wait,@$7000 they say wait,@$8000 now what?

  2. Bro I actually respected you until this video you’re not educated in the cryptocurrency market to put your opinion if you were trying to give advice tell people dollar cost average in ; do you know what’s happening behind the scenes with partnerships bakt Futures eBay partnership Government trying to ban in Iran buying it China buying ; like no it’s actually freaking dirt cheap compared where it’s going to be what do you mean highs the party just started G

  3. Bro 7000 6000 5000 8000 9000 it doesn't matter, Bitcoin is going to be like a black hole, it's going to suck all the money in the world, it's going to be in the billions anyway.

  4. Patrick is a smart and straight up guy, but people are blind and just want the usual suspects saying everyone is going to be millionaire, we are going to moon and buy lambos.

  5. Bitcoin trades far different from stocks, you will see pull backs to new highs. You may never see that day of a massive sell off and will be left in the dust. bakkt ,wholefoods and ebay rumors btc is gaining adoption, just bad advice.

  6. Looking at the comment section over 50% still has no clue about what this guy is trying to explain lol. Unbelievable this guy gets 50% downvotes and all these moonboys get 95+% upvotes haha.

  7. The first big green candle was there just to see how the market reacts. It showed there were still a lot of eager people waiting in the sidelines to give the smart money liquidity. Those people need to wrecked too until there's no one left. That's the time to buy. When you see one or several big green candles with no reaction, that's a good time.

  8. Not buying the top is good advice. But here's what has happened to me more than once. I see signs of an imminent bull run. In this case I was sure there would be a sharp spike at the end of April, beginning of May. Lets say May 1st, when although there had been movement it was still relatively flat. I put in my first deposits. My deposits are put on hold for a week, and THEN I buy what could be the top. Finding some alternate income I again make a deposit and have to wait ANOTHER Week to buy again, what could be the top. The only reason I do this is because even if I did buy the top of a spike, I am a true believer that BTC will go much higher, even if (when) it pulls back now. If I was able to buy bitcoin when I wanted to at the beginning of April, I would have made 30%. As things are, with delays and fees, I will be likely to break even, but at least I own more Bitcoin now. Most poor guy tools fee you to death and take a week, I troddle along like a three legged horse, jumping thru artificial hoops for a week, then finally getting my FOMO down. Just in time for the drop. In fact I am probably the bell weather, the barometer for drops. Without me in the market, it would never go down, sorry guys. But the good news is I am developing new sources of emergency funding and new exchange tools, so that my delay will be more on the order of a day, not a week. Unlike rich guys, I don't have fiat to spare waiting around on exchange sites. I need tools that can fund my exchange accounts more quickly, and for less fee, or free. Often free means a wait of some come, and fee means a slightly quicker method. Not making a tip here, just a confession. Any input on better tools or methods is appreciated. Databyter

  9. Totally agree Patrick! Wise (& brave) advice when there's panic in the market. A bull trap is far more effective when fomo is everywhere.

  10. Dumb money: No wait its different this time

    Smart money: Yes "Dumb Money" we are going to 10000000 by the end of the year buy as much as you can

    Also smart Money: slowly exists market

  11. how you become a million air over night with bitcoin. is to be within the circle of the people pulling the strings…..everyone on the comments are what they call the sheep, the people who risk all to become wealthy….only 5 percent will come out on top. this is red and black folks up and down but a longer wait, why go through years of emotions.

  12. Patrick if you day trade it doesn’t matter how high or low bitcoin is. You know this too well. Do you buy and sell when the market crash or shooting up? Next time mention long term investment.

  13. Whether you buy bitcoin at $8k or $5k. When bitcoin hits $250k+, are you really going to care. You think the people who bought at $80 regret that they bought it at $50.
    Do your own research and you will know why bitcoin does what it does. Hodl, it’s hard and easy at the same time, it’s a mental thing.
    One thing I know for sure, bitcoin ain’t going back to $3k, So Don’t wait and execute in what you believe in.

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