Cryptocurrency FanFare Everywhere – Are You a Fan or an Investor?

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With all of the coins, that are out there and the new investors that come in, it has been brought up that, if a project has a marketing effort and a cool name, then investors turn into fans. Shouldn’t we be looking at these projects as investments and not as though they are our favorite sports team?


48 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency FanFare Everywhere – Are You a Fan or an Investor?”

  1. Minchia these people are like females that are groupies. You got to see how they go crazy for ent . Forget about it you say one wrong thing and it's like they're going to cry they forget that they're here to make money

  2. You literally sound like you're talking about these Floyd Mayweather fans. If you think this is bad try talkin bad about Floyd Mayweather I dare you. see what happens to you

  3. Yo J, I think you gave a fair assessment of the ETN situation. I don't see you as bashing any of them but rather calling out the negatives which investors should take into account. Investors look at all angles. Fans lock in on something about a coin that for some reason gave their brain a shot of dopamine.

  4. Is it possible that exchanges don't accept ETN because they don't want the massive burst of volume it will bring? I have a hard time believing exchanges would turn down so much business.

  5. Not delivering on time is the problem I have with ICOs. Because they get millions in front for not having anything done yet, they just get lazy. It doesn't mean they won't deliver, but they just stop pushing ahead, because millions fell to them from thin air. It is not the case for all ICOs, but I see a lot of it happening.

    Edit: About Justin Sun. He should just stop hyping things up and start doing something. Hype is good but too much hype can bring the project down. In gaming industry good case was No mans sky. Hype through the roof and final project was sub-par.

  6. My largest position is in Tron but not because I'm a fan. What about all the good news that's lined up to come out between now and March 31'st? It's like people don't know or they simply just don't care that the Beta version is being launched. Tron's done nothing but deliver – I really don't see where all the Anti-Tron is coming from.

  7. When Verge got pumped it fell and had a chance to redeem itself but flopped with continuous issues with Wraith. ETN has been sitting on it's hand not getting stuff done since forever. Tron was clearly pumped but even before, during and after it's continued delivering. I don't get why Jeff makes comments like "I'm staying far away from Tron" (made in another video). You can claim your intentions were one thing but with such an impressionable audience all I see your poll doing is contributing to the FUD around Tron when it's arguably unwarranted.

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