Crypto Prices SKYROCKETING Again! | Bitcoin To $60,000? $400,000 By 2026?

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Crypto Prices SKYROCKETING Again! | Bitcoin To $60,000?…


19 thoughts on “Crypto Prices SKYROCKETING Again! | Bitcoin To $60,000? $400,000 By 2026?”

  1. great analysis. i think barring negative news about tether/bittfinex this movement can continue as the FOMO will kick in. Especially with the daily broadcast of the returns on mainstream media ramping up.

    The issue is that this seems relatively inorganic. Definitely a lot of good news and entering into a bull market prior to it, but market manipulation seems pretty obvious here. Not the full reason or even the main reason this growth is occurring. But definitely a factor. The leaked calls also confirm it.

  2. I think 400k bitcoin is in the cards before 2026 (I'm thinking it's possibly within 2.5 years, but the top could be slightly lower than 400k). Looking at your log graph, it seems like it would indiciate a low of 400k in 2026, and I think that seems pretty accurate. That said, I'm very bullish on bitcoin in the long run, so I'm in the "Eventually $10,000,000 per btc" club.

  3. I literally bought Bitcoin @ 6517 the day before the big crash in November, and the same day I bought ethereum @ 210. I held them and added to lower my average. I also bought on the day of the lows and picked up bitcoin @ 3229 and ethereum @ 84. Still holding hoping this is the beginning of a 2 year bull market.

  4. Way too overbought. Beware. Binance will short the hell out of everything once it reopens. The skyrocketing happened ever since Binance was shutdown because of the lack of shorts.

  5. Binance was also hacked in July 2018 for 7000 BTC as well. I heard they only keep 7000 BTC in their hot wallet so that’s why it’s the same amount.

  6. Coinbase is only offering 12 Alt coins for buy/sell/trade NOT 30 as written in the article 🙁 they should list ADA/Cardano and some other good ones if they were smart… even Binance coin is doing well for a hacked xchange lol

  7. We are still in accumulation. You won't go wrong buying today, tomorrow, next week. By next year you will have wished you stripped the copper plumbing in your house and put it into crypto.

  8. Hey Phil, been following you all through the bear. Glad to see your following really pick up as the crypto cycle changes, you definitely deserve it after having grinned so hard this year.

  9. Thanks for the info just sent you a tip using brave browser I'm a XRP man and damn glad to see it finally start a move. I consider xrp a sleeping giant that when fully awaken is going to change lives

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