31 thoughts on “Cramer: Talking heads are missing a big part of the China trade war”

  1. 25% Rally on trade hopes, and then when the trade deal falls apart and the trade war is intensified, Jim dumbass Cramer thinks that a 4% loss in gains is an overreaction! HA

  2. Bullshit, it's not China who destroyed manufacturing business in USA, its greedy American business who move companies to China for take extra profits paying less to workers.

  3. Now USA is stuck in the swamp. the swamp is china. The best thing to do is relax or you will sink faster. I was warning about this long ago. Now they got too much invested there. Jim Cramer wont able to replace his dirty underwears should china block them. Not a great position to be in.

  4. Finally! Finally somebody with a platform within the media is not only talking sense but is talking like he has a stake in the wealth and health of his community.

  5. That is true. Many towns literally died in western Pennsylvania . They live like people in third world countries. I have never seen anything like that and it’s pathetic it doesn’t even look like it’s America and people in other countries in Asia they are prospering. Sad problem is that majority of people who are rich live in East Coast or West Coast rest of the country they have no idea about

  6. Cramer is 2 tics away from a coronary.
    The other day he tweeted that China’s us tsy holdings are $1.2 billion. They’re not.

    The number is $1.3 trillion🧐

    The image of 2 over emotional men having tantrums about how right they are is telling. Compare and contrast with the Chinese demeanor.

  7. Please stop lying and twisting facts. The Chinese didn’t steal your jobs, you shipped the jobs to them, like you did with Japan in the 80’s so the US consumers can afford to buy more. So there is growth. Goods were made in the US but few US consumers could afford to buy them. Profit were dismal so You moves productions to Asia to reduce cost. Profit shut up, the S&P grew multiple folds.

    You should be honest and own up what you have done.

    You know very well having a trade war with China will not bring back jobs to the US, because you just move the jobs to Vietnam, India, Bangladesh…etc.

    Lying media just do the merry go around of blaming games. It was Japan, Taiwan, South Korea in the 80s, now it is China, tomorrow will be India. If the public is so dumb as believe these talking heads like Cramer, they have themselves to blame.

  8. Cramer is saying the factories have left, Kevin is saying when he uses factories in China he wants protection. This is about US companies continuing to use them but do so without sharing IP. The factories are never coming back

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