Can Bitcoin Break $8,600?

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Bitcoin has heavy price resistance at the 200 moving average on the daily chart. BTC needs to break this area to confirm bulls are here.

Cycles of Bitcoin –

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29 thoughts on “Can Bitcoin Break $8,600?”

  1. I have to disagree in a small detail with you
    The resistance is not on the 200 ma but the 200 ema on the daily and the 128 ma on the 4 hour if it breaks it then the 50 ema on the daily will be a strong resistance on the way up (around 9250)
    On the other hand if BTC breaks the 377 ma on the daily going south your prediction of 6,4k may become real (6,8 to 6,7k in my view) in confluence (the 377) with the 100 ma and 55 ema on the weekly all this around 7,750 ( have your stop losses close to that price mark)

  2. Press 3 if you think this whole recent trend has been nothing more than a "lull" for bitcoin. Some of the altcoins are doing their thing and then when that is all over and done with bitoin is going to take off again. It is a cycle.

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