BitFinex/Tether Controversy | Simon Dixon's Interview on CNBC Crypto Trader

Simon Dixon discusses the BitFinex & Tether situation on CNBC Crypto Trader.


21 thoughts on “BitFinex/Tether Controversy | Simon Dixon's Interview on CNBC Crypto Trader”

  1. why is everyone calling it a controversy. Everything is very clear. NY is the most corrupted place ever. Every possibly person of authority is corrupted. Everyone there doesn't want cryptocurrency to rule because it eliminates banks. The strategy > get ther big ass crypto company, show everyone how they can deal with it = profit.

  2. I suppose that the controversy is not in bitfinex, it is in the US gov and ny ag cause i feel that it was absolutely non accurate allegation and they created troubles not only for btf but for other crypto companies too. It seems that the plan is to create a crypto dump or to ban it at all as with weak dollar people convert more in btc and apparently the the US in just trying to shut down any crypto. With the leo token i can understand why it was done as bitfinex needed to cope with the shit that ny ag created for them without any persuasive reason. They have just created panic through media and i think they were waiting for better results lol but seems that community is smarter than the us gov

  3. banking problem, banking problem, banking problem, banking problem, banking problem…
    how many crypto exchanges must suffer from that after bitfinex to get the situation changed?!

  4. There's hardly anything to discuss here. This whole thing is happening only because nyag wants to make herself name and be in the headlines. Not caring about crypto or its users at all. That's it.

  5. hm, can't help thinking about the next potential victim of the media, Bitfinex has earned itself a stalemate, but most desperate outlets might try to create some more scandals to slander more platforms… I guess we'll see

  6. Bitfinex is in a bit of a pinch now rly, with all the allegations aimed at it it can be pretty tough to get around, but thats fine, there's little proof to them, so the incident will pretty much resolve itself soon

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