Bitcoin To Hit $100,000, Max Keiser Doubles Down – Part 1

Long-term fundamentals, as well as medium-term monetary policies, all contribute to a bullish environment for bitcoin, this according to Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, who maintains his $100,000 a coin price target.

“When the Federal Reserve bank signaled that they were going to permanent quantitative easing, I said look, that’s the bottom for bitcoin, that was about $3,200 on…


35 thoughts on “Bitcoin To Hit $100,000, Max Keiser Doubles Down – Part 1”

  1. Think about it now. Buy some electrons for $100,000. I'll sell you some electrons cheap for a mesely $10,000 and through in a free Leprechaun. Hey, you save $90,000 dude! Daniela, always looking good.

  2. Bitcoin chose a logo and terminology to make it appear and sound like gold, you mine it etc. and Litecoin have chosen a logo that makes it appear like the silver to Bitcoins gold. Bitcoin has become a store of wealth rather than a currency just like gold and Litecoin is better placed to act as a currency.

  3. Massive speculators. This has nothing to do with investing. Waren Buffet is a genius investor. Thats why he is the 3. richest men! The fact that he don't invests in Bitcoin makes him clever. he don't needs the risk. Bitcoin doesn't produce cashflow and isn't backed by anything. That means it can not be a investment. Its only a place for speculators and traders. Also it is solo depended on the next guy to pay more and push the prices up. Bitcoin no thanks.

  4. If gold is a manipulated market , Bitcoin is the most manipulated market ever , yes sure you can make money in it , i myself did , but the idea of Bitcoin being a store of value is the most stupid idea ever , buy bitcoin as a trading asset (short run or long run) but you have to be ready to sell at certain point , and no Bitcoin will not reach 100,000 $ any sane investor will sell to take his profits long way before this foolish price .

  5. It is possible that the market may have been artificially low because of the ‘hash wars’ and the ‘hyperwave’ Fud. Perhaps this is a correction up!

    2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halving hype getting closer..🌬…….🏖"

  6. 29,166 Troy ounces in a ton.

    I fit 500oz of silver in 30call ammo cans. That’s the smallest and most transportable form factor I’ve figured out for monster-Box level capacity.

    Which means Max has 60 ammo cans/monster box worth. Damn.

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