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Bitcoin to $50,000 in 2019 is not only possible, but in this btc price update video, I talk about the path Bitcoin price would take to achieve the awesome gains of $50k this year. As you may know, this is not my target for Bitcoin in 2019 and this is NOT a bitcoin prediction, but it is a very bullish bitcoin video 🙂

Cycles of Bitcoin -…


22 thoughts on “BITCOIN TO $50,000 IN 2019 | WILL BTC DO THE UNLIKELY?”

  1. 0% chance, and 0% chance ever, banks are gobbling up the technology, what do you think will happen when block chain is at there disposal? Coins will bottom even to zero, they are intrinsic period!

  2. Here is what is rarely emphasized and I wish people would start highlighting in the coverage of BTC. QE 4 is coming. That alone will send BTC skyrocketing. All this analysis is based off of prior history with only $800 billion dollar total marketcap at the markets peak. People….think. When the switch is flipped and the multi-TRILLIONS of dollars flow into our crypto community…….all chasing a small limited supply of BTC, all the while global BTC demand is increasing….what do you think is going to happen to the price of BTC? Do you think the uber wealthy and the elites want any of us peasants owning BTC? Of course they don't….that is why they will be tripping over each other buying it up left and right. A $50k BTC is paltry compared to where it is going. The dollar is DEAD…it has been for a long time. Like the elites or not….they are all about preserving their wealth and maintaining CONTROL. They know full well that storing their wealth in dollars is a losing proposition….and gold/silver is too manipulated and too cumbersome to store. Trillions will flow out of the precious metals. It all depends on when they flip the switch and open the floodgates. Fidelity and Baakt are the first hurdle….if that happens this year, then yes, $50k is quite easy by end of year. If not, then we all just have to wait until it does.

  3. I am in market since 2016 halving
    Cycle of bullish market ll come just 5 months after May 2020
    October 2020 would be our dream time when 50000 ll ring the bell of every investor door step
    Good luck all whos giving their time and energy to bitcoin community
    Lets spread good to get good

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  5. Completely possible but remember Dan ; once reached 50K make sure to wear a green
    t-shirt 😂😂 .
    Matchs better with the market!!

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