Bitcoin to 100K??? Huge Crypto News!! Should you Buy $BTC NOW?!? + CARDANO ADA GIVEAWAY

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Let’s look at CoinMarketCap to see how the market is performing. And what do we have here guys, very very green and lush market. Bitcoin has increased by 12.29 percent. While Ethereum also in the greens has also increased by 5.37 percent. But if we move down to Ripple, we can also see a very very big increase of 11.87…


42 thoughts on “Bitcoin to 100K??? Huge Crypto News!! Should you Buy $BTC NOW?!? + CARDANO ADA GIVEAWAY”

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  2. I hope all these pumps hold some long term value.
    Remember we have seen Microsoft blockchain projects before (Coco).
    So I am not exactly jumping up and down over it.

  3. Good future for crypto!!! Thank
    CRYPTOPIG – good news!!!
    Bakkt’s bitcoin futures contracts – normal.
    the new litecoin and XRP ETNs by Borse Stuttgart it's new change for profit!
    I see Microsoft’s Bitcoin-powered decentralized identity management project – A new and powerful step towards improving user security!

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