BITCOIN TO $10,000? Here's How And Why It Might Happen!

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A Bitcoin bull run has had our attentions here for the last several days. Bitcoin first effortlessly broke the strongest Bitcoin resistance level at $6,000, then continues the Bitcoin bull run all the way to recent Bitcoin resistance of $8,400. In this video…


35 thoughts on “BITCOIN TO $10,000? Here's How And Why It Might Happen!”

  1. I think it will test $8300 again shortly. If it forms double top then we will see a bigger correction. Some may say we already tested it 3-4 times on the short term charts but we have only tested once with a $500 correction. The other corrections were tiny in comparison. GLTA cheers!

  2. I am unsubscribing from you. It's been nothing but emotionally driven "bitcoin is going to the moon" lately. You've thrown all logic and reasoning out the window it seems and gone full FOMO.

  3. Is 8k resistance or support? Because we seem to have stopped at 8k but at the same time the shorts are trying to push it down but every time it goes below 8k it springs back above!!

  4. Good job jeb! I agree bitcoin is going to break up or it's going to break down! And I dont think anyone can disagree if bitcoin breaks bullish it will go higher! But you didnt mention if btc breaks bearish. Will it go down or will it go up ?? O man guess I'll have to take the class to learn. Thanks for the update, btc will either go up or down – got it! Up or down, up or down, bearish or bullish, bearish or bullish. Thanks now I know it's going to break up…or down…and if it breaks bearish it will go down …or bullish it will go up. Jeb, what if it stays flat? Oh great, now I gotta start all over…I probably wont sleep tonight…๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–

  5. I'm checking a technical analysis I did by September 2018 I called "suspension bridge" because of the form it took. in which I showed two scenarios, the first-one the "panic result' in opposition to December 2017, thus also unreal which verified curiously in December 2018, and the "normal one" which follows a real development and growth of the technology in which a normal price for BTC these days would be $10,000-12,000

  6. the safest (or best) bet is to for a pullback to 6000$ and reentry there; weighing all the options and probabilities and outcomes

  7. Pedantic. I had to look that up. In the 2015 parobolic move bitcoin went up to 43.4% of the $1150 peak. If you compare that to the $19900 peak, that would be ~$8600, which bitcoin has already done. The altcoins are rallying and bitcoin is loosing dominance. The same thing happened after dec 17 2017. Bitcoin declined down to $17k then we had a massive dump.

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