Bitcoin Third Layer, $10,000 Bitcoin Incoming, Bitcoin Futures & TD Ameritrade Institutional Money

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47 thoughts on “Bitcoin Third Layer, $10,000 Bitcoin Incoming, Bitcoin Futures & TD Ameritrade Institutional Money”

  1. Thank you a ton TMI for the time and effort you put in your videos and information I learn multiple helpful and interesting things every single video

  2. In the endgame of crypto. There might only be 5-15 crypto projects left standing. BTC, LTC and BTC Cash are the top plays. XRP, ADA, EOS, ETH, XLM and XMR will be 2nd tier. LINK, OMG, VET, ETC, HOLO and XTZ are more longshot plays.

  3. Im doing the same investing in BTC so one day i can buy a couple houses for rent to achive early retirement . Hope at 30/40 years of age ( 19 by now )

  4. RSK requires you to trust 25 third-parties to hold onto your BTC in a multisig while you use their side-chain for contracts. No thanks.

    "The biggest role of the federation is to determine when the user’s coins are locked up and released."

  5. This is moving faster than in 2017, in 2017 I bought Bitcoin at 2700 in June, so it took 6 months or so to hit the top this it's moving since first week of may I think this may hit 20k and beyond by Christmas, YAY! because I still have my Bitcoin, I sold my other bitcoin at 18k. In 2017 I bought ethereum at 35$ and also sold it at 280 but I bought into litecoin back then at between 26 and 90 seen it hit 400$ regret not selling when Charlie Lee sold but at least I'm still holding, gotta grab the popcorn lol

  6. It's interesting how technology is increasing, we have a lot more at our disposal to make life 'easier', yet there are more homeless people, people working for less, more stress, increasing draconian laws, loss of liberties, increasing restriction on freedom, etc.

  7. I wonder how the relationships will work out during the next bull run where the (most likely) the woman was hammering the husband for investing so much and then forcing him to sell when it was down numerous months ago. Although, I'm pretty sure those men are beta males because this cat wears the pants in my house.

  8. 2+ years for 25$ xrp, banks/institutions are not gonna wait 2years to start using xrapid. 2years is a looong time in crypto. i just dont see that with all the things ripple are working on. i expect it at least next year, maybe even this year. cnbc already talking about global reset, which will be crazy beneficial to us all in crypto n especially ripple n rp imho.

  9. If you are newbi to cryto, have the mindset of " I don't give a FUCK" attitude whether it goes up or down. Don't let your emotion cloud your judgement, have a specific plan for both bull/bear market.

  10. I have just dropped an important conversation with my wife. Now she s going on at me but I'm focussed . I WILL NOT BE DISTRACTED WHEN THE MODERN INVESTOR IS CALLING. I think the devorce papers are being prepared but I'm not being swayed. The modern investor is always first. She has to accept it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Phones are going expensive tho. I dont understand why u say they r going cheap. iPhone n not10 m galaxy 10 r over 1k. Can u explain plz. Not trying to attack u . I just would like to know how or where do u get tht idea of the phones going cheapper. 🤪🤓🤔

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