BITCOIN: The Last TWO Times THIS Happened $BTC Pumped 445%!! Is $7.4k STILL Possible?

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#Bitcoin remains trapped in the massive descending triangle. Will it end just like 2018? $BTC natural long-term power-law corridor of growth still on track for $100k by 2021, Ethereum Istanbul hardfork, ledger adds 1,250 new tokens, crypto news, and more!

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37 thoughts on “BITCOIN: The Last TWO Times THIS Happened $BTC Pumped 445%!! Is $7.4k STILL Possible?”

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  2. Interview the DIVI developer from another vantage point; than when he was on FUD TV; or the new former Microsoft dude that in now on the NEO team with the 100 million being injected into the NEO project; either one would be interesting based on the questions you ask them.

    Does this comment qualify me for the Ledger; I need a new one, mine was Hacked; and I am leaving it as is incase the IRS tries to gank me as proof, and released the keys into the open so the miners can get it versus benefiting the hackers. Peace.

  3. Yoo whatsup! Really loving your videos man. Big fan over here! Good to hear you are going to do some interviews on the channel! Would love to see those! It might be very interesting to interview Bill, Alex, Lee and Sergio from phantasmachain. They have been building a purpose build blockchain from scratch with some very interesting features you should really check them out. 👍 good luck with the channel mate keep up the good work. Learned a lot from you!

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