Bitcoin RECHARGE Before Next +$1,500 CANDLE? – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis

Bitcoin Analysis

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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin RECHARGE Before Next +$1,500 CANDLE? – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis”

  1. Good day Sami, yes, that was my post to you, closed 113 roe, thanks for all you do!. Guys, even if you can not do vip, sign up on the free telegram chat. I did and am in profit, was 85 roe, closed just in time with 113 roe , in less than 2 hours! Best from guppie Ian, got so excited in that last post I signed as Ethan, fudge this crypto is exciting! So is forflies! So sign up for free

  2. Your bearishness influenced me psychologically and stopped me from buying 10 BTC yesterday just under $7000. Now it's $7800. You owe me $8000.

  3. Ups vs downs on Bitmex, looks to me like the rating of longs vs shorts, just a guess. Sami, it is the box next to bitcoin on bitmex, surely you see this, but your profits blind you, awesome!

  4. Yeah . TA is useless in this case, cos someone out there is using USDT to pop up the marker with zero cost. Bear in mind the Binance customer' s coin is still being "frozen" that is why resistance can break that easily!

  5. Why are you so confident on ETH? Right now most altcoins r mimicking bitcoins moves almost exactly. If BTC goes lower It looks like ETH will follow.

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