Bitcoin Pump and Dump? This Will Trigger Altcoin Season Crypto TA

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Bitcoin Pump and Dump? This Will Trigger Altcoin Season Crypto TA
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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Pump and Dump? This Will Trigger Altcoin Season Crypto TA”

  1. Bitcoin has firmly crossed into $7,000 level and is quickly on its way to test its next target of $8,000 and when that eventually happens soon enough, the coin will be increasing in value at an alarming rate. What this means for investors is in no time, buying a whole bitcoin would be out of the reach of a higher percentage due to how expensive it would be. What i had been doing for the past 2 months is buying just twice and then day trading which has helped me accumulate almost 9btc. I was able to accomplish this by trading with signals generated by Robbert Wiegman which are very easy to use and also very accurate for trades. He is also one of the best analyst and strategist and even though i had my reservations, i was convinced in just my 2nd week of trading due to the results of trading with his signals. I want as many as possible to know about him (robbertwiegman@gmail.c om) and at least find out what his system entails

  2. What happens if things are different this time and alts still bleed as people just keep on buying BTC. Cashapp only lets you buy BTC, Fidelity and the other new BTC on ramps do not buy alts

  3. Great vid. I went back and did some research on the bump and run reversal pattern. While many think this is a bullish pattern for continuation its not. When reading about this pattern it states this pattern is an EXCESSIVE speculation pattern another words manipulation and will come crashing down on the run phase. Yes the run phase is the bears. Right now we are at the end of the bump phase on the estimated 50 degree increase from the lead top trend which is what people seem to think is the bottom once that lead trend line has that bounce we enter the bump. Remember the increase of 1000 dollars in an hour? The lead trend line increases 31 to 45 degrees (perceived bottom). The bump that we are in goes 50 degrees (parabolic) from the lead trend line. Once we complete the bump sorry to tell you guys the drop is nasty. The pattern result going back to the resistence. Beginnin line of the bump or top of lead trend at a minimum $4000 area. If lead resistance line is broken there is high probability we fall below the start of the lead as this pattern explanation suggest. Another words we will go below 3k. New bottom. Look for the breaking on the right side of charts to break trend line on bump once that happens a small unnoticed douple top will happen and down we go. Many bulls are celebrating this pattern but the end result of this pattern historically is devastating. The ride was fun while it lasted. Be sure to take your profits please. According to the books this happens so fast you wont have time to react. Fyi there is a fake out on the double top.

  4. alt coins will come down more now with Btc as it comes down…..everyone seeing the inverse co relation between Btc and alts is likely to think buy alts….but i think alts will go down more and might even achieve newer lows …lets see…could be wrong markets can make a person humble

  5. The CONGRESSMEN has 4 major contributors…as all of them…a SWIZ bank…2 BIG BANKS…VISA/MC..they write the bills and hand them to the congressmen…he does not sound enthusiastic..he is doing what he is told to do….GREED is ALWAYS what KILLS ME in the end….it was all going great…then GREED….human quality…COUNT ON IT…watch for it…

  6. HELP!!
    I'm relatively new to this.. I own a small portion of XRP on "uphold"..
    Please someone tell me what platform/wallet to use, on uphold I can only buy a few major tokens. Wanting to buy some micro alts..
    Thank you in advance-

  7. If really bakkt and fidelity want to come in why they don’t crash the price by seizing bitfinex? I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it, they have the power to do whatever they want in this market, crash the price and buy fucking cheap. Now people fomo at 7k. There’s no reason the bottom is in, we didn’t even have a capitulation, i just see a tether exit and hyper artificially inflated prices. Btc is going to jump off of a cliff before cz opens withdrawals before thursday

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