Bitcoin PullOut Ahead?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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37 thoughts on “Bitcoin PullOut Ahead?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. It looks like the Bitcoin price may have been artificially low because of the ‘hash wars’ and the hyperwave Fud. I remember Krowns Crypto made the point that throughout 2018 people may have been preparing for the hash wars in secret, and hence driving down the price. Perhaps we’ve seen a healthy correction…….. up!

    2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halvings closer every day…🌬.🔜…🏖

  2. I would stop cursing and get rid of the penis graphics. Stop using the word dildo. Just my opinion, you do you. Can't really post your videos in any of my groups, telegrams, twitter, facebook communities. Just sayin'. Wish I could bro. I don't mind, I fucking curse all day long, just not cool for me to spread your good info because of this. Food for thought. Don't hate me man. Trying to fucking help. lol.

  3. Krown I was almost 100% bald at 20 yes old.
    I grew a beard and started shaving my head and I swear it gave me superpowers. You should try it

  4. Great stream Krown! Yes parabolic moves almost always end with massive dumps eating a large percentage of gains. Plus, TA becomes ineffective calling thr top… so then you’re left with following the trend…and if this monthly candle also closes telling us macro bullish, most weight should be in that direction. Of course until something changes and we drop to a level to at least be able to call a swing high to Fib

  5. Thank you for sharing!
    How do you meditate? With music , mantra , closed/open eyes , letting go thoughts and not concentrating on them? How to get in clear vision chart state without emotions overflow or scarcity? Many thanks !

  6. It seems indeed the btc rallye is running out of steam while the altcoin rallly continues. Which seems to happen like clockwork. The perceived risk declines after a bitcoin surge and peoole get euphoric, betting on altcoins….until the trend reverses and alts bleed

  7. Recently come over to your channel from Tone Vays and i won't be going back. I like the fact that you cover all indicators and base it purely on what the charts are saying, as opposed to basically just counting to nine and clouding your judgement with a crazy notion that all the sh!tcoins are imminently heading to zero. Love the fact that you cover the top AltCoins too. Interested to hear what you're saying about EOS because to me it looks exceptional from a purely technical perspective.

  8. Hey Krown whats up man can you offer any advice if you were to be stuck on the wrong side of a trade…and…. SEC….can … go …f*&k…themselves …….

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