Bitcoin Price SKYROCKETING. Why?

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Major retailers accepting Bitcoin via Flexa &…


22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price SKYROCKETING. Why?”

  1. Love that there has been a positive mood in crypto community lately due to btc price rise. I've noticed that the nerves are calming down and we hear a lot less fud about exchanges lately πŸ™‚ Cause previous couple of weeks with all bitfinex negativity were crazy…

  2. The BTC price has way surpassed what you and I expected, even at the end of the year we did expect even 8k. It's there whales manipulating the btc market?

  3. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin Block reward halvings closer every day ..πŸŒ”..πŸ›°

    The Block reward halvings of 2012, 2015 and 2016 were followed by huge bull runs. The halvings have the same effect as if the production of gold, silver, oil or any other commodity was cut in half every four years.

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  5. Great comment about the downward pressure of retailers selling BTC. If a lot of retailers sell sell sell when they accept custodial payments, that could change a lot! I wonder if any of that can happen off of exchanges to not effect the price.

  6. Bitcoin is a speculative asset that is aiming to become a store of value, not a currency you use to buy nicknacks. WTF would anyone want buy a cup of coffee with BTC? This is not why Bitcoin is pumping, stop being so naive and stupid. Bitfinex and its Tether printing machine is pumping Bitcoin right now. We even have the recorded conversations to prove what is going on. The naivety of Crypto Youtubers is astounding.

  7. Anyone have any issues trading on Coinsquare. I can't make a quick trade. I sent 3 tickets in the past week to support but still no reply. It says executing trade but nothing happens. I tried at least 15 times now πŸ™

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