BITCOIN PARABOLIC BULL RUN!! | $10,000 Next Or Correction To $5,880?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is really bullish and is on a parabolic bull run now. Also, I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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40 thoughts on “BITCOIN PARABOLIC BULL RUN!! | $10,000 Next Or Correction To $5,880?”

  1. If most actors in this rise are buying to hold then things will keep at this level or more but if they’re buying to gamble or to hedge the stock market crash then it will correct at some point, for example when trump achieves a deal with china, which may never come considering it’s a more fundamental type of thing. I do believe a correction will come at some point the bigger the rise the bigger the correction and may be a very healthy thing to consolidate gains and positions of those who are going longer term.

  2. Hi Carl, nice video. Next correction would be a W4 which usually correct between 30% and 50% of W3. But it is possible that W4 correct more than this because the W2 correction was very low which bring me to the conclusion that a 62.% correction is still possible but only have 15% of probability.

  3. dobe4ever argues that the volume at the 6.4k level was artificially raised by the BCash hash war and that this is why that level did not act as resisitance.

  4. fact 1) they washed out the whole market from weak hands and small investors

    fact 2) big investors did accumulate the whole 2018 like crazy greedie bitches

    fact 3) they bottomed it and now they pump it out of nowhere

    question: what makes you think that they will dump it again to hell? to give the oppprtunity for the weak hands buy again?

    answer: NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….now BTC has BIG players target group!
    they are making BTC out of reach from common people/pockets

    i wont be surprised if 1/1/2020 will reach again ATH

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  6. Interested in Bitcoin Investment and Binary option trade??I can help you manage your account,earn enough profit in 48hrs trade , you are 100% guarantee by trading without getting any lose of trade,call/whatsap us on +1 612-500-0748 or +254710111720

  7. The fact that BTC is unaffected by the tether bitfinex fiasco proves that the entire market is a fraud and technical analysis is based on disinformation. There…. fixed it for you

  8. I feel like I’m in the 2% – 10% of traders who truly understand price action and oscillator divergences on a higher time frame (Weekly specialist). I was called crazy when I said BTC is trying to reach 8k while we where trading at 5.8k. Although we have not reach it yet it’s inevitable at this point in the short term. However, the key thing to watch for is how we follow trough with the recent VOLUME on the Monthly. Meaning, this recent pump would be sustainable “if” BTC’s MONTHLY VOLUME buying pressure tests the 20MA. If not, this leaves room for the bears to step back in and create fear in the market with a high VOLUME of selling pressure. I personally think it’s a bit to late for the bears to regain any significant control but it’s to early to tell. I’ll give it about 2 – 4 months to play out before giving any highly probably direction predictions in the market. Still long since 3.8k

  9. Corrections are being bought-up and my position is to buy any weakness and hold long term. There is a growing world wide movement away from fiat currencies and into commodities and and bitcoin. This is going to ramp up fast so now is the time to get in and hold. The USA dollar is on borrowed time, literally.

  10. WOW this video outdated quick XD.
    I think we keep seeing corrections up to 8500… 9500.. and 10K 11K 12k up to 25K or something.. after that a monster drop back to 18k or something. I let it run and before sleep a stop loss set not but too high

  11. Dont worry any more we are in the verry begin of the Long term BULLRUN, yes ofcourse corrections follow up that is normal.

    From here i gonna hodl again also,i have enough conformations to say we are at the start now

  12. Carl, as you for sure know, it's not a parabolic curve we are currently witnessing but an exponential one. We know you as profound and literate analyst. Therefore please do yourself a favour and use the correct term which is exponential, not parabolic. The difference is the grade of steepness: Parabolic curves (x^2) are less steep than exponential ones (described as e^x). Growth always follows exponential curves. This also holds true for increasing prices of digital assets.
    Rastani and the masses may use the term parabolic, Carl and the classes use exponential because they know better.

  13. TA has been hit and miss for over a year, mostly miss ! I think most major moves depend on the news and only things like a golden cross has any true moving power when looking at TA. With this said, I fully understand why the market has been bullish. We have seen good news coming from everywhere and the only bad news was Bitfinex and the Binance hack which were not good but no investor lost money. With the NY conference going on and all the bullish news I think we will go to the ATH in the next 30 days or less with minor corrections on the way up. 30 to 50K this year should be a cake walk unless something terrible happens.

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