Bitcoin on Its Way to $8K, Next the Moon? | Crypto Markets

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Molly Jane discusses bitcoin’s greatest weekend with Cointelegraph’s regular host Mati Greenspan. What drives bitcoin’s price, Consensus effect, do people care about altcoins and what’s next for bitcoin?

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin on Its Way to $8K, Next the Moon? | Crypto Markets”

  1. Time to invest in altcoins. Morpheus Network, Mitx, MyWish, Essentia, AXPR, Hacken all the way! Super low market cap and HUGE growth potential. 100x -1000 X during this bull run

  2. the most profitable way of investing your bitcoin is to HODL or trade… trading is more efficient and profitable with no overlap timing

    …you can make monthly profit trading crypto currency… i advise everyone to venture into trading bitcoins..instead of constantly

    checking the value of these coins..take them to your advantage…

  3. I think people are selling their stocks on Monday and waiting for the trades to settle. Then transferring their fiat to their bank accounts and waiting 3-5 days for the transfer. Then buying bitcoin!

  4. Btc going parabolic may make one want to frolic but it is like a plane ascending up to fast and stalls. The momentums is very likely to make a correction. The momentum shud be gradual for a solid consolidated foundation of support and hence promote a more stable continual growth. 📊

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