Bitcoin News : BTC Golden Retrace At $13,000?! Crypto Technical Analysis

In this video, I use Fibonacci to determine where Bitcoin’s major Golden Zone for retracement is.

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37 thoughts on “Bitcoin News : BTC Golden Retrace At $13,000?! Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. Before the parabolic pump notice very few YTers pushing out vids> Now notification flooding with BTC NEWS, charts, TA> saying BTC 10K,15K, 20K 2019> 5% of the space chatter (so far) has MAY HIGH/ JUNE LOW. Any indications of a 30%-65% dip?

  2. Hi Mitch! What tool do you use to make the heart line channel? You are the best coolest and interesting YouTuber out there! Happy Motherโ€™s Day my bearded mama lol jkjk

  3. It's dumping to 4k so please don't fucking encourage people to lose their funds by your stupid TA. You don't have enough skills for performing a correct TA..

  4. hey so if i wanted to invest in something later tn what would u sugget? etherum clasic , etherum, or litecoin? or should i wait for a bigger dip?

  5. I called this months ago on weekly chart with bullish divergence, and monthly chart hidden bullish divergence. It just took longer due to time frame but possible news will come once we hit 38%. BTC kangz

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