Bitcoin Market Sell Off, Reaccumulation Phase, Coinbase Expansion & World Economy Turmoil

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46 thoughts on “Bitcoin Market Sell Off, Reaccumulation Phase, Coinbase Expansion & World Economy Turmoil”

  1. Thanks for your video bright and early, and a Hello from Hong Kong. Bitstamp released an official statement concerning a singular large Sell order, which is now under investigation by Bitstamp. Absolutely correct, nothing to worry about.

  2. Bitcoin goes up by 150%

    All analyst scream "now's the time to buy!"

    I've said it many times, prices ALWAYS retrace back. Since being in Crypto there has always been repeated opportunities to buy more cheaply. FOMO is for people who don't know how to delay gratification.

  3. The price surge was a wake-up call, the consequent dump is perhaps a last chance to "re-evaluate your stance on the future of cryptocurrency prices." We ain't seen nothing yet. Not financial advice.

  4. Good morning my fellow early adopters….🌞☕🗽🐂🐂🏁🏁

    Good morning TMI!!!

    BTC was headed for a >30% correction…everybody all over the web was talking about it yesterday… trickled to most of the ALTS leading to more selling….

  5. Just wanted to say buddy! You are one of my favourite crypto youtubers. You never talk shit and always give good advice. Keep up the good work and good luck. Money will be made this year. Unlike last year(Me)😁

  6. I have signed up at least 8 people to coinbase in the last 3 days, trust me we will be fine. People want to know how to buy and accumulate. Buy the dips my friends.

  7. The ones that sell that’s not already rich or Wealthy and taking (Profits )😂 going to Lose badly 🤦‍♂️ 😎 that’s why I see the same people saying they been in this space Since 2013 and still not Well off they try to play that game and lose I bet they not sell anything more trying to take profits 😂 them lil profits can cost you a lot

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