Bitcoin has been given a DANGEROUS narrative by the mainstream media! My Bitcoin miners are OFF!

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Bitcoin is seen nearly daily on networks like CNBC, Fox, and various other media outlets. ALMOST ALL of them are selling a single narrative for Bitcoin and PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT. This narrative is putting Bitcoin more in the power of institutions and less in the power of the people!

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40 thoughts on “Bitcoin has been given a DANGEROUS narrative by the mainstream media! My Bitcoin miners are OFF!”

  1. Bitcoin is seen nearly daily on networks like CNBC, Fox, and various other media outlets. ALMOST ALL of them are selling a single narrative for Bitcoin and PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT. This narrative is putting Bitcoin more in the power of institutions and less in the power of the people!

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  2. I understand currency discussion but that did lead to what has happened in the past: devalue what BTC does offer.. So I do believe this could be a step by step approach as all currency has store value.. The currency in itself does not have a value.. Remember that.. it is just paper… It is how the perceived value of currency that will determine it.. That is why institutions are coming on this.. Why? control like all people do with money… I do concur with you to show BTC to be more of its currency value.. BUT i want to remind you that BTC is a currency in itself..

  3. With #Bakkt launching at the end of September I expect to see people returning from their vacations and volume to continue its growth on exchanges like Binance/Primexbt thus driving prices at the end of September at 13–14k per BTC, going back to the previous yearly high. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Rob Marcos program,He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate, i have made 8Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 1.5Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned traders.Rob can be contacted by telegram ROBMARCOS621 or WhatsApp+— +1.919-391-8034

  4. Another thing. Bitcoin will have trouble being used and perceived as a currency alternative as long as the IRS treats and taxes it as a capital gain/loss and taxes it like you would with the sale of stock.. What a hassle you have to figure out your gains and losses on Bitcoin for each purchase and figuring out how much Bitcoin was worth when you obtained it versus how much is was worth the day you used it to buy your groceries or gas or clothes. Imagine what a long laundry list of purchases, and the resulting gains/losses being taxed at 15%, you have to log on your taxes you file? WHAT A HASSEL!

  5. The same thing happened to the Internet. Back in the 90s it was pure freedom using gopher, telnet, ftp and now we have the illusion of "Freedom" on the Internet. You're right, Bitcoin will eventually be government compliant (It was from its inception, the concept of a public ledger doesn't ring a bell? ).

  6. Bitcoin threatens the Petrodollar. Why did the US invade Iraq? Saddam started selling oil for Euros, challenging the Petrodollar. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction, US Gov't admitted it was a lie. Why did we finally kill Qaddafi after decades of leaving him be? He was talking about an African Gold Dinar and selling Libyan oil for gold. Assad did not use chemical weapons on his own people. Mattis has admitted that. Assad was selling oil outside of the Petrodollar. Gee, SURPRISE! I love Bitcoin because it is an ultimate FUCK YOU to the Fed. End the Fed, use Bitcoin.

  7. you are 100% correct. Mining regulations is what ive feared since day 1. I think where it will come into play though is by power consumption/efficiency standards per region based on location and how the power is derived. They will probably start taxing the shit out of miners or they will require you guys to register with power trading companies and be allotted power hours.. then you would have to forecast electricity consumption and bid on a certain amount of power etc.. and pay for it ahead of time and pay fees if you go over, like mini-power trading. It's only a matter of time before the green mob comes for us. Then we got real problems.

  8. after 10 or 20 years and bitcoin finds its true place, I wonder why these videos will be so hilarious to look back on lol. Which parts will ring true and what parts will evaporate. All these crypto channels will be gold in there own right someday lol. It will make for excellent documentation of how we thought and great comedy too

  9. i watch no media period and on my own i would say btc is a store of value for many reasons, ive been in this space a long time and made a lot of money also, but prices don't matter they never have, Technology and intelligence is what matters in this space and most don't even know where to look or understand what a blockchain really is or what it is capable of, and yes i am very sorry to say that mining will be takin over by the big boys but that was always clear as day thats just how they move and what needs be to move our space forward in the future.

  10. Question? How does a currency work if it has no value? and if it has value means the value is being stored(per say) in that money…. You want BTC to be a currency and thats perfectly fine but should it not be able to store value first, if not than what are we transferring to each other(currency) something of no value?
    Since BTC is decentralized, it can be mined anywhere on earth unlike precious metals that is fixed to a location (which government will claim jurisdiction). IMHO the fact that it can be done anywhere with electricity and internet just makes it more resilient to governments.
    Your fears are justified, and i see where you are goin with this, what if the governments start controlling all the hash rate via regulation, that would mean they could theoretically do a 51% attack on the network.
    my counter argument is China already controls more than 51% of the network, but the network has not seen a 51% attack despite they being the most authoritarian regime on earth. Why would be a good question? I believe this is because, its more profitable to mine bitcoin than to attack the network and even China knows this.
    PS: if we consider that bitmain hardware automatically's joins a chinese mining pool, than they may not even control 51% of the network, as miners connecting to their pool can just join another pool that is not in China. And many 3rd world countries already use their bitcoin, considering that transactions on the blockchain is higher than it was at its all time high. Ppl need time for change, and think about it this way to know how early we are, there are 34 halfing in total for bitcoin, we are at no 3 going 4 soon.

  11. Market manipulation… and hope is for fools…and you know centralized entities want absolute control over anything competing with the US Dollar. And it's not store of value specifically that makes Bitcoin less decentralized it is the rich demanding protection and security for their money…..bitcoin Will find its way as a transacting medium in one way or the other. As more countries find their way out of the US dollas koolaid the demand for Bitcoin and more specifically the demand to transact away from the dollar will become imperative. I say this over and over..we are in a War between the status quo and those things that challenge the status quo. There is nothing different today then there was yesterday ie the govt publicly acting like cryptocurrency is not a big issue. This message keeps Americans believing the same. There is a speedbump building here in America that soon will trip up the day to day narrative in our space. The American govt. Believes it can handle this financial crisis thesame way it has always done but bitcoin is like nothing before it and it will not play out like any other threat. Like Marvels "end game" bitcoin is inevitable. Fiat Will Fail✌ Virgil

  12. YOU are echoing something that I've been feeling subconsciously lately. You've NAILED IT! Part of my career was spent as a registered investment professional dealing with the regulated structure of the US securities system. I DON'T want that to happen to cryptos!!! When I see the way Forbes, in particular, and others report on and analyze the crypto space, it makes me CRINGE! Keep it up — I'm behind you all the way!

  13. Move your miners to my country – USA can't come here and tell me to shut them off and you'll get cheaper electricity. My point is they can not tell miners to stop working because they'll move and/or many many privacy features will be introduced rapidly to continue mining as secretly as possible. They will try to buy/scam/mine as much as they can though and you shouldn't be discouraged by that – this is a race you knew will happen …

  14. lots of places to spend btc and even if holding is your thing you can still convert to fiat and buy with btc whenever possible and every day more and more stuff can be bought with btc. A few sites let you buy giftcards for many places with btc.

  15. I still believe in "different coins for different functions". BTC. BCH. DGB. KIN. FUN. Yes, even XRP. Just so long as transacting from coin to coin is not restricted. You have a coin for storage. A coin for in-game purchases. A coin for international transfers. A coin for Ebay purchases. But zero fees between coins! Let the market decide.

  16. They can try to regulate Bitcoin but they will fail. A Congressman already testified that Bitcoin itself can't be regulated. That horse already left the barn as the saying goes. It's a worldwide decentralized network that the government can't control. Just my opinion

  17. You get paid in btc! Btc goes up in value and you get more value. I get paid in fiat, btc goes up and I spend more for btc. I’m not spending my bitcoin. Yeah you should spend bitcoin. I shouldn’t.

  18. Turn off the MSM, turn on the Miners 😉! Each of the true/legitimate crypto currencies (such as BTC) have their purpose, and unique niches. It comes down to trade-offs with each one. The market will decide which ones (I.e. multiple) will be used for the MAJORITY of everyday transactions. And store of Value, does not negate the use as a currency! Bitcoin still king and most secure for the foreseeable future; so can be stored or used as CURRENCY for certain transactions! Gold is store of value and money, but not used as currency at all!

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