Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP BNB BCH Technical Analysis Chart 5/14/2019 by

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP BNB BCH Technical Analysis Chart 5/14/2019 by”

  1. a crypto is not just a technology it is also people. And a traitor that call its own crypto "sh*tcoin" should not be a leader… It will not succeed. A leader should not say its own coin is a sh*tcoin and then say… I did not say that… you did not understand ! In the very beginning ltc was 0.03 btc, and it is 0.01 btc now. When ltc was almost 400 usd ltc was just 0.02 btc, in its best moment, and someone said ltc was a sh*tcoin. LTC was created for you to sell your btc but it continues dropping its price in comparison to btc.

  2. It may be that the markets may have been artificially low due to the ‘hash wars’ and the hyperwave Fud. What we have seen is a correction up?

    Great news for Xrp and Łitecoin re ETNs on Germany’s Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

  3. Congrats on the new place! You do such an awesome job on your videos. I started watching right after the 20,000 peak, and I refused to make a move in crypto until I learned the space. Finally made a move a couple of weeks ago, so it's been fun taking what I've learned on your channel and outside research and finally applying it.

    It's funny, I'm a Kindergarten Science and Social Studies teacher, and I've found myself a few times telling my students "Go do good things" hahaha.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. I'm really interested in some low cap coins. BTC might go to $90k which would be a great ROI ,1000+% but some of these small cap coins will move hundreds of thousands of percentage.

  5. Could ltcusdt be a cup and handle on the daily? The wicks on the daily inside bars didn't look bad on the 4hr is it possible they just look bad out of coincidence?

  6. Thanks Dan always, your video has been so much helpful to me, I am making a passive income on my Bitcoin investment. Now that Bitcoin has hit the moon I think I will be up way making a huge income.
    Thanks once again great job keep it up.

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  8. Crypto is getting exciting again! Thanks for hanging in all through the bear. Can always pull valuable advice and information from your videos. YT seems to be exploding with trading cryptodoves, cryptopigs and cryptowhatevers right now but I'll stick with you.

  9. Good on you @Dan for not being a fair weather YouTuber. Learned a lot from you and others watching since the bear market started. Quite the education seeing it in crypto and stock market in the last year +. If all the YouTubers left it would have been harder. Thanks again!

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