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30 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 5/12/2019 by”

  1. CRYPTO FACE stealing btc of its costumers Youtube channel cryptoface

    Hy everyone! I bought a vip membership 4 month ago for his "whale group" . In this group I really found a whale, i talked with him and he is a good man. I watched a few times people got kicked out of his room and this bothered me. Yes, some shared his signals, but many just said something wrong. I shared a statement he admitted in our private chat which was not about trading, but he just admitted that he took a big loss. I used him more as a indicator to do the opposite of him and this was going very well for longer time. But when he found out i was talking in another group about his loss he instantly banned me with no further statement, he just wrote something emotional like it was my fault he always chooses wrong direction and i was banned. I paid for content, when he is giving me his big losses i understand he is just living because of new followers. He further on statet a few days ago he will make a pump n dump scheme, that´s enough for me, they treat people bad in the chatroom, there r days when nobody was writing in the chat because someone got banned and people got scared, and i cannot tell ya how often he refuses to trade when money on the street and times when you have to trade. He is in a bad mood and in the yt videos in his channel he is talking about catching this and that, but i was in the vip signal group , there where no signals or bad signals for weeks. He is trying to build up a content , bcs his strats in trading simply don´t work. Look a Philakone, this mr.Chang dude, tone vays, they r selling merge, end, no big story , no trading success

    i would appreciate if u share your feelings with me if u made similar experience, thx



  2. Hi Dan, I understand the concept and maybe you are just simplifying it for us…

    But when you do the math, taking profits at a $100 gain doesn't lower your break even $100. It lowers it instead by the same percentage of those gains, adjusted by the size profits taken in comparison to your original position, correct?

    Or am I making it too complicated?

    For example, 7200 to 7500 is a 4.166% gain. 7500 to 7200 is an 4% loss.

    The difference in percentage increases as the base price goes down.

    Another example, 3000 to 3300 is a a 10% gain. 3300 to 3000 is a 9.09% loss.

    Finally, the percentage of your position that is removed also impacts how far your break even point will move.

    Last example, $10,000 BTC original price, 10 BTC position…

    Price goes to $11,0000 for a 10% move…

    Taking 9BTC off the table lowers your break even stop loss to $1000 BTC price.

    Taking 5 BTC off the table lowers your break even stop loss to $9000 BTC price.

    Taking 1 BTC off the table lowers your break even stop loss to $9888 BTC price.

    I hope I'm not missing anything.

    I'd love some feedback on this.

  3. Thanks so much again Dan! I really hope you can start making these video's every day again just like u did back in 2017/2018 and like u do with MJ stocks. The crypto space is starting to be interesting again so i really think a daily video is much appriciated by all of us.

    Vote up so Dan can see ^^

  4. Im not waiting for a lower low. Just to see where the pull backgets to. Then I'm in. Ithink a pull back to mid 5s or 6000 and were good.. like you say it might just go nuts from here lol

  5. Seems like as I type this btc is in for a pull back. Xrp has a nice weekly forming, I think I am gonna move some btc into xrp and see if I can get some more btc than I had before.

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  7. OMG I haven't slept in last week trading Bitcoin with leverage on Kraken… It's like an 80% success rate on all my trades playing the 1 hour oversold bounce 🚀🚀🚀

    I actually got liquidated back in December on a wrong trade and Kraken's crappy interface where I accidentally added too much of a position… saw my account evaporate on a 5 min candle that went parabolic … After 24 hours… It was as if money didn't matter psychologically and I was free. 🧘‍♂️

    Then I reviewed all the Chart Guys online classes a second time around, and it just clicked.

    Made all the money back I lost. Need to be careful because I don't to give back my profits. 😅

  8. Dan its been a great ride with you for the last 2 years. I'm not a big BCH fan, but its been my bread and butter lately . Scams pump the hardest.

  9. has anybody else noticed the pattern between BTC and bitch cash? to me it looks like they mirror each other but bitch cash has 2-3times the volatility eg BTC up 5-8% Bitch cash up 15-24% and the same on the down cycle.

    I'm thinking of trying out the volatility in that market to increase my BTC holdings. anybody else doing this or notice this pattern?

  10. I think wr will Not see a repeat retracement.
    Bitcoin os doing. Whst no other has done
    Manipulation everywhere
    But bit coin is GLOBAL
    F O M O

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