Bitcoin Bulls on Rampage / What's next for Crypto

These Livestreams will be in a longer format and will discuss Cryptocurrencies News, Bitcoin Technical Analysis (TA), Altcoins, and expectations for the market.
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25 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bulls on Rampage / What's next for Crypto”

  1. remember you are buying something that you believe that someone will buy from you at a higher price, do you belive that any company will buy in big time to gain profit, just for the trust that price will go up.?

  2. do you really believe that the government will make a token that uses the power of Switzerland will be the new money? the will be no planet left to use it one…. do your homework, there are solutions that are better and the goverment will approve.

  3. the most profitable way of investing your bitcoin is to HODL or trade… trading is more efficient and profitable with no overlap timing

    …you can make monthly profit trading crypto currency… i advise everyone to venture into trading bitcoins..instead of constantly

    checking the value of these coins..take them to your advantage…

  4. think about it – do you really think that you can go to the internet, push a button and get rich? 60% of miners are in China do you believe that they will sell the token they mine if they are going to 1 mill.?

  5. when we were at 4000is – someone spends 600 mill. USD – and with all the wash trading going one, you need only 300 mills. to make 2x can that be the same guy? please make sure that all new here know that you want that this goes up because you have tons of tokens here because you been around in this space for so long – the last out, turn off the light

  6. I have watched for a while and never seen you so genuinely surprised and pumped and relieved and vindicated at the same time. Great work. Great balanced analysis. Thank you!

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