BITCOIN BROKE BULLISH! When Will Bitcoin Pull Back? Bitcoin To Be Listed On NASDAQ?!

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In this video we discuss the recent Bitcoin breakout above Bitcoin resistance. Yesterday, Bitcoin finally managed to get above Bitcoin resistance at $5,320 which Bitcoin had been testing for weeks. We’ll discuss what led up to this Bitcoin breakout, where this…


21 thoughts on “BITCOIN BROKE BULLISH! When Will Bitcoin Pull Back? Bitcoin To Be Listed On NASDAQ?!”

  1. Hey Jebb! 🙏that you feel better soon! I wasn't around for the last bullrun, I was wondering did the Altcoins dump hard when BTC rejected the first golden cross? I have accumulated on Altcoins, but can sell now with profit, and buy back in at a lower price, just asking , understand this is not financial advice! Tks👊

  2. Hope your right. My 2 kids just received a gift of fiat from my in laws that they've been saving for them for them to invest. So I'm thinking about investing a portion of it in crypto for them. They are 14 and 20. I'm hoping it ends up like if I had invested in Apple when I was there age. I'd be set right now at 46. Wish me luck.

  3. did you see 400 and 20 cross on daily ? buy signal on april 22 @ 5267 RSI @52% no mans land… I bought more and have a sell at 6000 will set rebuy on retrace 5029 rebuy will be adjusted as time comes

  4. Bitcoin is rising b/c people such as yourself believe that it will eventually crash (market psychology). Anyone who's waiting for BTC to have a significant correction will get caught out.

  5. Bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized and trustless Jebb. Having all those only brings in more people into the market, anything more and then bitcoin might as well be fiat! I mean.. you just go trade stocks and forex if thats what you're looking for, you shouldnt be saying that!

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