Bitcoin breaks 8k! New Bull market!? | CNBC Fast Money

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5 thoughts on “Bitcoin breaks 8k! New Bull market!? | CNBC Fast Money”

  1. Overall I agree with your video about this being a short-term bull run. Bitcoin hasn’t had a 4-month positive gain since 2017…so we’re due for a dump quite soon is my prediction. The last major fall was in late January 2019 when the market cap for crypto fell from $146 bill to $100 bill. Currently, it is $246 bill. Anybody see a trend here? I think the whales will fiercely dump the market down to $100 bill to $146 bill…or below $100 bill. I think they witnessed lots of resistance at $3K price for BTC but it’s still feasible it could fall to below $3K. I think the next bull run will be a much bigger thing set to happen in 2nd half of 2019. Crytobud was foolishly calling this a bull in early April until the Tether story broke out and he took back his words.

  2. And I think your video already got flagged because I’m getting an error since I refreshed this page. But I did see the video and I agree with everything you said except the part about Bitcoin being the best performing asset class of 2019. That is a very misleading statement, one that I hear way too much from FOMO artists. Yes, Bitcoin is the best performing asset class of 2019 but only because the whales dumped the shit out of BTC at the end of 2018. “Year to Date” means absolutely nothing to me. “One Year Ago” is far more important to progress. A year ago, BTC was $8,300 so it’s down roughly 3.75% from May 2018 price. That is not a well-performing asset…to get a -3.75% return on your investment by HODLing for a year. So, I absolutely hate that talking point because it is very misleading.

  3. Cina Dean, I really wish you’d do videos regularly. You are clearly one of the more honest and trustyworthy Bitcoin analysts next to Tommy World Power. You clearly deserve more subscribers. Most Bitcoin analysts are pretty awful especially Altcoin Daily, The Moon and the absolute worst analyst Cryptobud.

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