BITCOIN BREAKS $6K // Binance Hack FAKE?!?

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17 thoughts on “BITCOIN BREAKS $6K // Binance Hack FAKE?!?”

  1. 1:11
    Coin Center

    Today in Congress Rep. Sherman called for a bill to ban all cryptocurrencies.

    This is why Coin Center is needed in DC now more…
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    hey i found this on twitter what do you think of this one?

  2. Yeah Crypto Love.. The problem with Binance is the fact they have no MSN nor BitLiense. reason? Its controlled by Bots, you are trading against the House (the exchange)

  3. I've said before, and I will say it again. Many of these high profile crypto talking heads are agents/actrors. Roger Ver and Craig Wright probably take checks from the London "banksters". Jack Ma, Justin Sun, CZ, et al are likely Chinese agents/actors as well. It was CZ's turn to crush Bitcoin sentiment.

  4. It's crazy that so many people are into day trading. What are "their" Bitcoin doing on an exchange in the first place? But who knows, maybe they are THE SH*T and don't even know it! Or maybe high frequency trading bots and the house have an unfair advantage.

  5. The 6K region is the largest area of resistance bitcoin has ever seen in the last few years. IMHO there is no way we get two consecutive weekly candle body opens and closes without a full blow rejection of this area. Around 6150ish depending on the exchange chart. it’s also the 88.6 fib node. we vary well could make a final pump to $6540 then tank to the 50 @$4850ish witch is confluent with the 200ema on the daily then on to the 200 simple at $4450 ish. Witch is also the 38.2 fib node. Needless to say this move needs a correction. Be fearful when others are greedy. a 30% move to the down side is not uncharacteristic of BTC. Cheers mahn. Trade safe.

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