Bitcoin and Gold Rally… What Happens Now?

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Bitcoin and Gold have both seen a significant uptrend in recent months. Bitcoin is still consolidating. Gold may do the same. Charlie and Alessio look at the charts of Bitcoin and Gold for what could happen next. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #Gold

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40 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Gold Rally… What Happens Now?”

  1. Hello Alessio, I always wonder what moving averages do you use in daily and hourly timeframes? Thank you very much for your updates. Your videos are very informative, my favourites to be honest. Warm Regards,

  2. Hey Alessio, the BBC News are just starting to talk about possible recession coming. Maybe they will invite you onto the show for the jaw-dropping type of interview you famously gave around 2008. The same presenter is on the show too that interviewed you before.

  3. "Bitcoin Rally" as it drags it's balls down through $10k. Yeah I know it's just a dip. I'm hanging onto my BTC too. I believe it's subject to manipulation and it's proven it's self volatile. It's also been proven that if we wait long enough it will go dow & if we wait long enough again, it will go up. The point? IT'S NOT GOING AWAY. The Feds already can't kill it, now they're trying to control it.
    Cryptos are the next evolutionary step in Global Currency. I think it's amazing we're seeing this in our lifetime. Literally the application of new technology that will shape the course of our species.

  4. All, please LIKE this comment if you want to have answer from Alessio on the following question; How to best prepare and maximise profits during the upcoming big recession? Personally, I would say 1) Short S&P, 2) Buy precious metals, 3) Real estate for renting out as interest rates are still very low, which will skyrocket in 1-2 years and in a crisis, people postpone buying houses and will rent more.

  5. I think you forgot about your 'warindicator', because LMT (Lockheed Martin) is at its ATM (after broken resistance of 340 usd) and far above the S&P 500… I guess we're heading for war? Looks like GOLD and GUNS are (or were) the things to invest in…

  6. It's still very probably that this market goes down by quite a lot. Nobody knows what a recession will do to this market. This market is still very early staged and has had so little time to prove itself. The highs we've seen in 2017 (including altcoins) were driven solely by greed and thoughts of crypto being the new paradigm. The rally we see right now is about half the size of the 2017 rally. The actual situation doesn't look that good in my opinion. Bitcoin looks to find its way but alts are completely carnaged and don't look to be coming back any time soon. There's much more room for them to go down. Liquidity is an issue as well in my humble opinion. It's still very difficult for the ordinary person to get a hold of crypto. The big question I have is whether crypto will be used as a medium of exchange over paying eachother in fiat. If people start paying eachother in crypto I forsee lots of growth and in this situation you don't want to go back to your fiat anymore because we're talking different times here.

  7. You're bearish because you keep saying dollar amounts in the $8K area, that's crazy, if it trades sideways then the 200, 100, and 21 day moving averages will all rise to meet the current range at $11500 giving it support to the upside. The low range of the band rises quickly over time. There is heavy support at this range short term, with sideways movement medium term, and a clear bullish momentum long term, there will be no pull back to $8K, that's just crazy.

  8. Alessio please watch back all ur previous videos of Elliot theory when we were in the bear market…none of ur analysis succeed…..and none of ur new theory will happened either with ABC….BTC does what it wants….and supply is decreasing day after day….BTC is not tradable as a stock market….ur analysis are not relevant with BTC because you don't understand the basic knowledge of supply and demand….learn first then do some smart video…..there are more holder than investor like u go in and out just to take small profit in 2 weeks time…that's why u are still unsuccessful and are looking for BTC to go down because u already missed the bottom during the bear market with ur analysis of the wave 5 from Elliot….Learn it's never too late…U will be successful one day…and then u will not need to stay in the front of the screen watching some stupid wave analysis or useless lagging indicators….cheers….

  9. Yet to see how bitcoin is not a scam for people coming into it at a later date only the people who got in early are going to make money people coming into to to make money now are going to lose it all and you fools who think it's going to the moon who's paying it ?

  10. Hey Alessio, I have been watching every videos of yours. Is there any chance that you could perhaps introduce a cheaper membership plan for someone who like to be ahead of the masses but can't afford to pay $49/month?

  11. its not all about TA although i am analysing charts all the time
    TA should go hand in hand with the news and i know that Alessio does not support the ''news'' factor
    the current ''meta'' on the BTC market has changed since late 2017 early 2018 when institutional players and big corporations players have entered the market. 2019 is not the same as 2015 on the issue of infrastracture and trust on BTC. all in all the ''news'' or the swift of market meta from ''BTC= scam'' to ''BTC = the new thing'' they do not support the TA of a HUGE crash over 70% down from here.
    4digit price BTC is an idea that comes to an end as time flows…

  12. Why are you arguing with these moron commentators? Most of these fools started trading with crypto and have never even owned an actual stock before.

  13. Alessio, seriously why do you bother with these videos? Having painfully waded through the comments here for months It’s pretty obvious you have a crowd of financially illiterate Millennials who only want to hear when it’s time to buy or sell and when do I get my Lambo bruh? They aren’t the slightest bit interested in reality and anything that doesn’t fit with their narrative of Bitcoin going to the moon sees an outpouring of ignorant fantasy market crap. Just go back to trading successfully all asset markets that you do daily and be done wasting your time.

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