Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 9/9/2019

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18 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 9/9/2019”

  1. Dude you got the google/brave news all wrong, it was not that google was tracking chrome users, it was that they were tracking all users of browsers based off of Chromium, including Tor and Brave. Brave is not safe, only firefox and bittube browser are safe.

  2. It’s true that the bitcoin was made for the people against the institutions but sadly it’s the institution buying it all up. Bitcoins may be volatile for now which might be a turn off for enthusiasts and newbies alike but there’s a secret to stay winning in this game. I’ve come to realize that we can beat volatility together by joining forces to become a respective unit in the newly established 51% attack mining method, winning block rewards twice as fast and leaving you with total control over your network. True essence lies in controllable crypto asset.

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