Bitcoin and Crypto Market Holds Strong – Become a Bitcoin 1%er

The market takes a dip but is still holding strong. Let’s discuss and also look at how one can become a 1%er.

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45 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Crypto Market Holds Strong – Become a Bitcoin 1%er”

  1. So he was pumping this yesterday but then explained the pullback today?

    And you placed worse case scenario at $7k… $6.5k area was clearly a likely scenario. I’ve been shouting this for days.

    $8k was hyper inflated and due for a healthy pullback.

    He really isn’t saying anything…

    Altcoins pump after $BTC because people know that popular suppressed alts that haven’t popped yet, will pop to a greater % than $BTC.

    If at $7k are you weren’t pulling profits from $BTC into alts like $XLM $ETH $LTC $BCH, then you missed the bus.

    I’ve posted all of this to everyone I know on FB… check it out @ptw_christian

  2. I bought 0.5 bitcoin in 2017 at 5k and HODL all the way to19k and then all the way back down to 4K and then sold it at a small loss. I could have made a 7000 dollar profit if I sold at the top but I was an idiot. I busted may ass working a hard dangerous job at 12 bucks an hour and sacrificed to save 3k. It took me months. I didn't want to lose it all on crypto. 2018 was a painful year.

  3. George it's less distributed. 700.000 addresses hold more than 1BTC. The number of people having more than 1 BTC is likely much lower, as most don't have all their BTC under one address only 😉

  4. If Burlington Northern Rail Road only had 100 Box Cars and there was no way there would ever be more box cars ever (For what ever reason) What would be the cost of shipping goods that can only be shipped by box car? Warren is too focused on the commodity and not what the commodity can do, and doesn't understand it's scarcity, which is truly the reason this will escalate in value and reach 1 million dollars per coin and even higher. Can you imagine what will happen when it is realized there is only one bit coin left after repeated halving and now full functional use? Every Miner on the planet will be forced to join forces to mine the last one, probably making the cost of bitcoin a trillion dollars!

    Had Warren been in commodities that is more focused on supply and demand than stocks, perhaps he would be singing a different tune. Another Buffett sang a song about changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes. My guess is he is accumulating.

  5. I bought 1 physical bitcoin that has 1btc private key printed on it for $600 from a car salesman from Grand Rapids Michigan. I said I will sell it at over a million dollars, so if anyone is interested in buying it from me whenever that happens hit me up.

  6. WAIT a second If the Maximum circulation supply is gonna be 21 Millions, and 4 Million BTC are lost and 2 Million Stolen, Doesnt that mean that the circulating supply must at 16 , not 17 Millions correct if i m wrong

  7. Love George when you bring those stories about btc. I learned for the very fIrst time about bitcoin in 2014, and stayed away cause negative news… finally in 2017 made my first $100 purchase, since then little amount dollar cost average till last dip 3,400 i said to myself if is not now then will never be, so i sold my ATB 5 oz silver coins i bought back in 2012 and finally, proudly, triumphantly own ONE BITCOIN

  8. George, I am very frightened of one notion.. Can you please address it tomorrow's stream? If so few people own BTC and as you say, about 300 people hold 1/3 of all BTC…. will the world allow so few people to dominate the currency market? control in too few hands? is it possible?

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  10. Max Keiser proclaimed that he was a BITCOIN Millionaire back in 2013 when Bitcoin hit $48. That implies that he was holding at least 20,833 Bitcoin at the time. IF he still holds all of them, he would be worth $167 MILLION today. :0

  11. This month May 2019 has 3 paychqs. Expect BTC to go up on Monday. Most people will receive their 2nd paychq this friday. Once they transfer the funds to stock exchange or platform to buy BTC..It could take up to Monday for the next bull run to continue.

  12. .28 BTC, in 20 years, will make you richer than today's millionaires. There are 35 million millionaires in the world, they will all want at least 1 full BTC, and they won't be able to even buy it because you and I are buying it right now.

  13. I’m one of those people that started buying when bitcoin was at 17k and cost averaged, now im over 25% up in BTC and other coins. George has made me a lot of money and it’s just the beginning.

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