Bitcoin $6K | Craig Wright REKT | Bill To Ban Crypto

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Bitcoin has broken through resistance at $6000 and may be headed higher.

Jameson Lopp breaks down Craig Wright and his questionable…


28 thoughts on “Bitcoin $6K | Craig Wright REKT | Bill To Ban Crypto”

  1. Your analysis of why newbies buy the cheap coins is spot on. Thats why I loaded up on BAT back in Dec. at .14 cents. I had no idea when the bull market was going to return but it being a new coin to Coinbase and very cheap, plus it already has some adoption for those who use the Brave browser and content creators . Also excellent ad blocker and tracking blocker

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  5. Sherman is a Democrat. I am Independent and just saying. Democrats are ok with debt so they are friends of fiat. Republicans are friends of banks and they are enemy of any currency that is a threat to the banks. We will make enemies in both parties.

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