Bitcoin 50% Discount | Why it isn't the end of the world

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50 thoughts on “Bitcoin 50% Discount | Why it isn't the end of the world”

  1. Great video as always! You always talk crypto in a very thoughtful way, let me also try this…. 😉
    BTC is in a total other situation than in the period 2010-2017, so this makes it very hard to estimate for the upcoming years. "Back in the days" there weren't many (institutional) investors and active experienced traders active. Now they are filling the market in a quick pace. This means that more and more people are in BTC for the short term, just to make "easy" money. Again, this means that it's far harder for the asset to gain momentum and value than it was before. Conclusion; BTC will go up, but not as fast as we hope. Personally I'd be happy when we can reach a steady 10k at end 2020. This will be best for great blockchain projects too.

  2. plus token begins and we exit "the bear market" plus token collapses and 190k btc get slowly dumped along with the 54k btc per month from the miners. we are just overwhelming buying demand. plus token has to be about dry by now and the halving takes 54k to 27k per month. that's a massive reduction in supply by mid next year. as we step down i buy more

  3. Just keep in mind that no one knows for sure how the market will move so it's all speculation. If there is manipulation in the market, then those people will know more than most how the market will move and even that is not 100%

  4. We always forget the deviation from the norm is what indicates irrationality in price. Higher percentage value of deviation = less logic in markets.

    The problem is when those deviations occur on the upside, everyone gets happy and fails to see how irrational the market has become – and equally so – fail to see the needed logic in the corrections.

    So 2017 was a stupid year. 2018 was the solution to that stupidity.
    Upswing of 2019 was irrational. Corrections since were rational.

    Try to see reversion to the mean as the return of logic and rationality and a return to fair value. It keeps one very relaxed and ready to profit from the next "stupid cycle"

  5. How can you be long on LINK? like it may have the most amazing tech in the world but its more than 10x in the last year or so, both in terms of USD and BTC, sell that and buy yourself some cheap alt! I actually shorted a large amount of LINK the other day , to pay off a USD loan

  6. I see it going down to 6k, then 'maybe' a correction. Where it goes from there, who knows (November is traditionally down, but December tends to be more favorable, at least through the 6 years I've been watching it).
    The only thing different this time around is China is almost out of the game at this point (CCP is cracking down like never before). Was a time when China could be counted on for some support, but that is over. Time will tell how much bitcoin may miss the Chinese.

  7. At each bullish round some guys loose lot of money and they will not come back to crypto. Next time the bitcoin will go at 8000 $ max. Bitcoin don't make money, it's only transfert of the money of some guys who loose their $ to winners.

  8. Data: Gas prices can spike anytime irrespective of what oil does and demand. There is not a very good infrastructure in the south US. Gasoline supplies will always be tight cuz the US has not built a new refinery in 30 yrs to meet the new demand. That's why gas spiked to 7 dollars in Atlanta one year. Even at a lower trend for demand..gas can still spike to unreal levels.

  9. I've lost faith in crypto, despite being in it for years. This market has simply failed to show any real world value, failed to mature and does not have a bright future. Bitcoin is now just a 100X leveraged shitshow, and the whole 'scarcity' angle has been completely destroyed by derivatives.

  10. Awesome. I've been averaging down each drop. Feels good to see bitcoin drop. I wont be missing the next huge move up.

    I'm never again going to try to catch the bottom, nor the top.

    Keep doing these videos, very helpful!

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