Big Move Coming! – Can LTC Move Market Higher? – Today's Market Movers – Binance Partners w/ Ripple

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Today’s Market Movers
Can LTC Move Market Higher?
Big Market Move Coming!
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44 thoughts on “Big Move Coming! – Can LTC Move Market Higher? – Today's Market Movers – Binance Partners w/ Ripple”

  1. XRP will not run Chris – so far it's only falling in price as I believe XRP hodlers start understanding that it's useless and no banks will ever make them rich as if banks will need crypto they will create their own – and buying XRP is fooling yourself – just be logical πŸ™‚

  2. Lovin' Litcoin more than XRP at the moment. Nice to be in the green on LTC. Gonna "try" HODLing thos one since I got it before this nice pump & think it has more growth op with halvening around the corner.

  3. Yeah, I have a shitload of XRP…. It's painful to hodl, I short it almost everytime it goes over $.45. That last run up to $.48 I didn't, because I thought it was time for the pump..

  4. Hi Chris you've been mentioning kucoin quite a bit lately. After more than a year with binance I've been denied service due to EU sanctions on Zimbabwe (does this run against the most rudimentary decentralisation idea of crypto or what?!) I'm happy to move to kucoin but wondered how your trading calls apply there? I'm a total novice but been following your channel for over a year and hang on to every word and am learning so much. Thanks a ton.

  5. ENJOYABLE video Chris !!! Hopefully you'll tour Downunder one of these days with some of your crypto profits. When you do, we'll share a beer or 3. Cheers …..

  6. XRP I feel your frustration but don’t cry just stock up and buy as much as possible because when it break out and move. The ride will be crazy you heard Chris right. ? Don’t Fomo buy in now. Hoddle gang

  7. ARK has a nice 2 x setup ,, semi te hold 750-780 buy sell 1600+- SATs I don't trust fet much take a look at the project you will not buy for sure even if it's has a good set up .. matic yeah .. lost a huge piece of the pie sold at 22..

  8. Wirex isn't replacing any fiat as a payment method. They cannot even offer their cards and services to most U.S.citizens. The U.S. dollar is the international reserve currency and petro dollar. Penetrate the U.S. market then talk about it Wirex. You are afraid of Uncle Sam.

  9. Boy, you nailed the $XRP sentiment. I have a hard time trading it because it is such a dig, but at the same time I don't want to not hold it because I do feel it's going to explode literally any day a really good piece of institutional-related news comes out

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