Becoming A Bitcoin Maximalist: The Journey [Asking REAL People]

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NOTE** Not All of these Speakers Are Bitcoin Maximalists. But all are Pro-Bitcoin.

Special Thanks to Russell Okung and Bitcoinis_

Special Thanks to the Presenters:

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40 thoughts on “Becoming A Bitcoin Maximalist: The Journey [Asking REAL People]”

  1. I did start off in the crypto space trying to balance and diversify my holding with some of the major alt coins with bitcoin but after a while, I realised the full force and potential of bitcoin and started maximizing my position on bitcoin and now presently it is at 98-99% of my crypto investments with several other altcoins like Etherium, Litecoin, BAT, Bytecoin, and XRP just as litte havens just in case some of them rise with bitcoin although some research showed that a lot of altcoins succeed adversly to bitcoin. So there is no telling what the future holds. Great work guys.

  2. The girl / Lady in the end said something very important! If bitcoin fail, they all gonna fail! I really think that’s true! Personally, I see value and use case for some alts.. Thanks for your videos and work! πŸ‘

  3. Thanks for the videos and I like the fact that you two brothers are working together on this , thumbs up. Regarding the Altcoins vs BTC the question is all about timing. When the tide turns , I can picture you come and say something different. There are lots of scam coins etc.. but we can deny the utility, speed, privacy and other good features of good alts. BTC does not address those issues and was the first and has the bless and curse of that. BTC is good other good alts are as good , time will tell.

  4. Hi Aaron and Austin! I hope you've been doing well. So from Jan to May I was at UT Austin and Jimmy Song was teaching us programming bitcoin. Yes they teach it in the university!

  5. Look hard. Listen. Realize what is happening. The plan is working. We are winning. The truth will be made public. November is still the target. To be more specific, November 4th is the target for the chaos to run rapid. Intertwined, remember. I tried to explain to you guys. The movement is powerful and it is GLOBAL! WWG1WGA 🀝😎

  6. bitcoin will go down to zero ultimately.
    ive got your attention. great! heres why i think so: bitcoin is controlled by a handful of people. if it went to the infamous price of 1million dollars we would have trillionaires walking around. people would realize that it is unfair. they would move away to a cryptocurrency that is totally better in every aspect. one that can scale, provide a lot of utility, AND be distributed evenly. i personally think that gold is useless. it shouldnt have the value that it has. gold fails to be a good hedge against inflation and also sucks as an investment. thus the comparison of bitcoin being digital gold makes it equally useless. i am not bearish on cryptocurrencies. i am bearish on bitcoin. the primitive cryptocurrency. i would rather invest into alt coins cause they bring more to the market.

  7. Right now it seems smart to be mostly about BTC. Last halvening there wasn't much retail interest compared to now, and certainly no institutional interest. Seems like a perfect storm to me, although I'm not saying it'll be all bull from here.

    I still think before the halvening we will see 8k BTC with a lower wick in the high 7ks. Just a hunch. BAKKT boys are going to want to get in as low as possible than pump it, create FOMO than dump the shit out of it again as much as possible before the halvening. There will be a huge blow off top, probably over 20k, but it'll be a wild up and down rollercoaster ride to that point.

    Alts won't see anything but further brutality till halvening hype pump is over. Most cautious types (and big institutions are cautious) have almost zero interest in altcoins and are well aware that odds favor BTC over alts by a lot the next 6-12 months.

    Can there be huge gains for alts? Of course, but I personally don't think we will EVER see another alt season like we saw in '17. It'll be a few projects going nuts, the rest will be heading for the center of the earth.

  8. πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ It's mathematically impossible for Bitcoin to take over the entire Crypto market cap. There is definitely a space for Alt Coins. This is because Bitcoin has been chosen by the market to be used as a long term store of value with a very sound ledger system. It does not have utility which other PooP coins are fulfilling. Things like sponsorships, micro transfers, links to companies, ownership on certain shares of a company, paying wages internationally for specific "contracts" to be released in time… the possibilities are endless, there is so much utility room for these Cryptos.. but first we need Bitcoin to break $20k and bubble up, to restore "Confidence" back to the sphere πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™

  9. It seems like everyone in the space is bullish on BTC right now. Does that give you any pause? I've been looking for videos more bearish lately just for some balance. Anyways, thanks for the great videos!

  10. hey i know that you have done videos on electroneum but that was like last year in may 2018. Its been more than a year and Alot of developments have been had in ETN not to mention over 3.25 million registered users.

  11. Clearly when all is said and done, Bitcoin will fall, and an altcoin will rise to be the new Bitcoin. Anyone looking at Bitcoin as a whole can see its glaring and large flaws, especially speed, cost, and energy usage. IF a crypto is ever adopted for daily use, it will be an altcoin. Now that may not happen at all, because actual real life use is not what the crypto space is actually about, cryptos could just remain wild speculations for making fiat and gambling, and Bitcoin may even someday become the new gold, but as ELECTRONIC CASH, something else will do this, and the value of Bitcoin cannot increase by huge percentages forever, because of the limits of the physical world.

    That being said, for the next few years, Bitcoin will likely be the speculation of choice, with another small alt season at the end of the next bull, but I don't think many alts will ever reach their ATH's, unless they are THE ONE. Another thing to remember is, its really hard to predict which alt might replace Bitcoin. It SHOULD be one of the fast and feeless DAG coins, but it could just as easily be XRP, since there are a bagillion coins out there, and it works fast enough without too much cost. There is no reason to make the best choice, and the thing could come down to who is centralized enough to afford to do the best marketing, even though a decision of this magnitude should really no be left to chance.

  12. These bitcoin maximalists are just shilling for their own personal interests.. Bitcoin maximalists are crazy if they think bitcoin can reach all new highs without altcoins benefiting massively. Sure 98% of alts are crap but it's really selfish and ignorant to disregard all of these other great projects that have brilliant minds working hard on them every single day..

  13. That one quote really does speak volumes: 'i think if bitcoin fails, they all fail.' — often times, you see new technologies fall prey to the innovators dilemma, but BTC may be the rare exception to this rule.

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  15. I think altcoins like Pledgecamp have potential to outperform BTC like Link and BNB did. They recently launched their alpha platform with the joint efforts from Metalab (the world-famous UX/UI design firm behind multi-billion dollar products such as Coinbase, Slack, and others) and MouseBelt . Pledgecamp will restore trust to crowdfunding and disrupt competitors like Kickstarters

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