Be Ready: Alt Season 2.0! – XRP's Time to Shine – Microsoft Picks Bitcoin!- Samsung Crypto Wallets!

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XRP’s Time to Shine
When’s Alt Season 2.0?
Microsoft picks Bitcoin
$78k Bitcoin a reality!


31 thoughts on “Be Ready: Alt Season 2.0! – XRP's Time to Shine – Microsoft Picks Bitcoin!- Samsung Crypto Wallets!”

  1. This altcoins Apollo, Cardano, Verge, Digibyte an U Network will be heug soon because of their great features and high potentials for massadoption just buy and hold

  2. $78k seems low. BTC did 20x from 2013 high to 2017 high. A 10x from 2017 high to 2021/2022 high sounds reasonable = $200k BTC Hell just a 5x would be a $100k BTC…

  3. I was only scared of the SEC because of them denying and the whales wanting approval. To get it they would of asked what price the SEC wanted and they would of dump hard to meet it for them. Letting institutions buy at a low risk of been dumped on.

  4. MIND BOGGLING video Chris !!!! ….eye goggling too ! The whole landscape of crypto is about to turn unrecognisable again. I look forward to you saying "green day" on many, many occasions over the next few years. Cheers …..

  5. The Justin Sun news wasn’t β€˜fake’ Chris, it was clearly from a crypto satire website – bit of a difference. I hope you don’t get your real news from The Onion. πŸ˜‰

  6. Took some profits on xrp, because, every other time it goes up, it goes straight back down, got shitloads so whatever, but then the coin kept going higher lmfao/. Life lessons only money can buy. Been telling everyone to buy xrp while it's still 0.30 cents. No one listened, till now.

  7. My man , long time I heard something of NEO I see eth moving and neo already 20%up … I think there more profits in neo then in xrp .. just saying hold both btw

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