Andreas Brekken on Shitcoins, Bitcoin Origin Story, and Is Dash a Scam?

I recently interviewed Shitcoiner extraordinaire Andreas Brekken of, about his experiences going deep and conducting top-to-bottom reviews of cryptocurrency projects from source code compiling to final intended use. We talked about running the biggest Lightning Network node for Bitcoin and how the system works, as well as why Monero fans like that their coin is hard to use. We…


14 thoughts on “Andreas Brekken on Shitcoins, Bitcoin Origin Story, and Is Dash a Scam?”

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    🚩 01:25 Cryptocurrency origin story

    🚩 04:31 Bitcoin making Andreas go from apolitical to pro-liberty

    🚩 08:46 The big Bitcoin chain split

    🚩 11:09 Andreas on checkpoints

    🚩 13:18 and its deceptively deep scope

    🚩 16:44 Is Dash a scam?

    🚩 25:58 The Lightning Network and becoming the largest node

    🚩 32:36 Why is Monero so hard to use?

    🚩 35:40 Andreas shills


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  2. Really nice discourse gents.

    Joël, excellent job recapping Dash's current usability and development aims.

    Andreas, I appreciate you sharing of your journey. Your approach – to get hands-on experience with all aspects of a crypto network – is something worth emulating. Though I'm currently involved with Dash, I've been doing that myself with some other cryptos as of late so as to not become dogmatic. And, should you choose to make the time, I look forward to seeing another review of Dash once Evolution is released.

  3. Holy crap. A straight shooter without an agenda or ax to grind AND has used the crypto even up to the protocol level to honestly evaluate what is useful/user friendly and what is not. One of the few. Great stuff Andreas! Appreciate your work. And please do review Dash Evolution after it launches.

  4. Video quality aside this was a great chat. Andreas is one of the few people who actually informs his opinions. Go to his site, there's a lot of actual, real, hard data-driven stuff on cryptocurrencies. Don't you dare invest in any until you go check that out.

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