Altcoin Buzz Podcast – Women in Crypto, Robinhood App Crypto, Bitcoin Bubble

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This is episode 3 of the Altcoin Buzz Podcast, where we talk about cryptocurrency and market related concerns. On this episode Steve, Jeff and Matt talk about Women in Crypto, Robinhood app and the Bitcoin market bubble.


47 thoughts on “Altcoin Buzz Podcast – Women in Crypto, Robinhood App Crypto, Bitcoin Bubble”

  1. Anytime that men create something that they can benefit off of, you know women won't be far behind trying to get in too. Maybe one day women will create something that men can come in and benefit off of after women have put in the work to create it like how men create and put in all the work and women just come in and benefit now.

  2. We exist 😉 I got into flipping foreclosures with the income from the two businesses I have + YouTube channel and moving over to crypto (especially being an avid gamer.. RuneScape grand exchange marching anyone?) is the most exciting and enjoyable thing I’ve gotten into in years.

    Really looking forward to becoming a better trader, and more importantly a better investor!

  3. Ironically enough back in the day programming was considered “women’s work,” like teaching. The male programmers wanted to elevate their jobs out of this status and created professional associations that discouraged the hiring of women. They also implemented personality profiles where successful programmers were supposed to display a “disinterest in people.” One of the cool things about crypto is that none of that matters and my gender is a non-factor in my trading, and isn’t even known unless i put it out there. Most don’t care and if they do that’s their issue, not mine.

  4. I used robinhood to trade stocks for a month. And I i think it's a mediocre platform regardless of the commission free aspect. Maybe it's good for only executing orders when swing trading. But I'm heavy on technical analysis. Plus it's a pain to set limit orders.

  5. I don't care if you are man, woman or even if you teach your dog to trade crypto. What is annoying is things like the girl on twitter said. Pushing for women to get into it so men wont be thebiggest holder. See what is wrong here? Women should get into crypto because it interests them, not for some non-existing power struggle.

  6. Jeff, you are AMAZING. Thank you SO much for this video.

    As a woman and person of color, I have definitely noticed a troubling absence of minorities in this space…I still hope blockchain technology and decentralized financial services can be used in ways that will promote greater economic equity.

  7. Positives: women in crypto is exciting, some good info from multiple people. Negatives: didn't really hear from the woman you brought on to be a part of the podcast?, Jeff needs to do more reading up on subjects before making videos/podcasts. Overall great job guys, glad to see you started a podcast!

  8. I find this episode insulting and demeaning. How about Blacks? How about Native Americans? How about Poles or Iraqis or Jews or Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus or transsexuals or gays or lesbians or disabled folks?

    We women are investors. Our money has no sex or race or ethnicity. I'm a 71 old woman who taught herself from scratch starting in December 2017 about coins, wallets, exchanges, etc. The only person I know who owns some Bitcoins didn't know how to do any of it. Several years ago a friend clued him in and he paid a techie to buy and install bitcoins and a wallet for him when it was $400.00. I wish he had mentioned BTC to me before BTC hit $10,000!

    I found Altcoin Buzz and it has helped me a lot in my learning, as have a few other knowledgeable youtube commentators. Please pleeeeze keep this free of stereotypes.

  9. People are dumb fucks if they think women would be bad in crypto. WOMEN = HUMANS = MORE MONEY INTO CRYPTO

  10. Men, Women, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Young, Old….We need everyone to adopt Crypto. This is the only way to change our current state, people need to leave their old biases and their Fiat behind.

  11. Jeff, I am surprised that you said you didn't saw any women as CEO in crypto… remember OneCoin ? CEO was a women, Ruja Ignatova, that run with a lot of thousands of million euros with that Ponzi scheme.

  12. I dont recommend using app on your phone! Not safe! If you lose your phone someone can hack it get all your info easily!!! With your laptop at home its unlikely to happen

  13. Men generally exhibit more risk taking behavior, entrepreneurship in general and early investing specifically are inherently risky behaviors. That's not to say that women should be excluded, but they also shouldn't be pushed into an environment or community because of some need to make every part of life perfectly halved between the 2 sexes.

    That being said, stick to the economic and project development part of the crypto sphere. Last thing we need is another political channel to cloud things.

  14. There are plenty of women involved crypto right now. The ratio is what it is and will continue to change as time goes on. Relax Alexa. Let's not bring our political ideologies into this space, please. The blockchain has nothing to do with that nonsense. Let's keep it that way.

  15. I think guys are pissed because there are alot of guys that will support anything a hot girl puts out there. Look at steemit. The intro posts from hott girls make HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars. It's just annoying but it's not your fault as a woman and not fair.

  16. Isnt it funny that men do everything better than women. Men are even turning into women just to show women how to be a woman. Soon women will be obsolete. We already have that beautiful Android over in Dubai I think men have had enough of women and their load mouth

  17. Dr Jemma Green – Powerledger – cofounder and chair,
    Jenny Conroy – Powerledger – cofounder and director,
    Janet Liriano – Loomia – CEO,
    Madison Maxey – Loomia – Founder and Technical Lead,
    Ezgi Ucar – Loomia – CPO,
    Zoe Adamovicz – Neufund – CEO and Co-founder
    Barbara Soltynska – Indahash – CEO
    Aleksandra Skrzypczak – Golem – lead software engineer and co-founder
    Elena Masolova – one of world’s top blockchain investors
    Maxine Ryan – COO and co-founder of Bitspark

  18. Two things:

    When you're all together, it should be called "Late Night Buzz" or something.
    I like how there's different views and not as much one-sidedness. Good chemistry and a great job gentlemen!

    And I heard about bitcoin a while ago but thought you could only obtain it by mining. I didn't think it was for me because I'm not a tech savvy guy. One of my wife's friend's had a get tother and told us more about Cryptocurrency. Do not underestimate the power of women. How do you think most people become rich? They ask a woman's advice like, do you think kids would like that? Does this look appealing? Etc…They are some of the biggest shoppers. Ask their opinion on some of these coins and I bet they will be right on with which coin/token will perform well or not. They have the intuition. Also, the more people that enter the market, the larger the market cap. Stop being selfish and stupid. We all want to see each other succeed out here!!!

  19. Who came up with the info that there are less women involved? Is someone taking surveys on it? Who really gives a shit whether more women or more men are involved in the crypto space? If it interests you then get involved regardless of gender. This type of topic sounds like it is coming from people who are brainwashed by the media. This should be the last video EVER to discuss this as its videos like this that stir the pot in the first place. Stick to the protocol…crypto currencies and blockchains people.

  20. Yea women finally we will have rich and powerfully women it's time for the girls to get out of the kitchen and free yourself from the male dominated I am so proud of you girls you have to control your life money is the answer to to everything educate yourself in the world of money if there any girls that want to join a group in chilliwack bc let us know goodluck get wealthy

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