A top strategist says market in for a hot summer rally

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Mary Ann Bartels on whether investors can trust the market rebound. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Chris Verrone, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.


32 thoughts on “A top strategist says market in for a hot summer rally”

  1. Absolutely true. I'm just a big ol stupid bear who's down so far this year, but it's absolutely possible. People think this is 2016 all over again (yield curve be damned!)

    Stepping very lightly, taking profits on days like Monday, and trying to recognize that we won't necessarily get 8 or 10 straight down days in a row like Dec.

  2. she smokes tons of crack! real gdp is lower than both parties actually advertise, inflation is insanely transitory, china is in debt and cant bail us out again like in 2008. every emerging market is in debtcrisis, pension funds are being raided to support shenanigans… great economy. I hope everyone learns from an eminent price correction of over 60%. Guaranteed to burst, no questions asked, to many red indicators! bond yields, gold, treasuries, interest rates. The defiant socialist on the left are the reason this all happened! Everyone in everyone's business on social media and software platforms that track your every move to invalidate your sales. Software is crashing uber, lyft, pinterest, fb, all of it

  3. First, we were told earnings would be down but it's ok because it's going to hockey-stick upward in the second half. Beating low bar earnings would have been good if the companies also kept their full-year forecasts in place. But they didn't. They lowered them and that means beating low-bar earnings by 5% (especially when revenue was flat to down) is no longer a great positive.

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