$100K Bitcoin to Kill Off Alt Coins // Fidelity to Open Exchange // Coinbase Is Banning People

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21 thoughts on “$100K Bitcoin to Kill Off Alt Coins // Fidelity to Open Exchange // Coinbase Is Banning People”

  1. Obviously, the bitcoin is set to do as expected after testing $6,000 even though the price still moves sideways as long as the $5,700 support keeps hold. The smartest thing as an entrepreneur to do now is to keep piling up on the coins while anticipating the full blast of the bull run which we are already in. One of the ways to go about this from my experience is dollar cost averaging which i did for some time until i read about Robbert Wiegman and after contacting him about 5 months ago, he made me understand its less pressuring to grow my portfolio not by continuously buying more coins but by trading after buying. I tried that using his signals and trade strategies with my little holdings of just 3btc and now, my portfolio has grown to an unbelievable size. Before now, i had used some other signal providers but the level at which Robbert’s signals is accurate is just outstanding. I think anyone serious about making strides in the crypto business today must have a piece of Robbert. His contact details are robbertwiegman@gmailcom or +44 7480 727034 (WhatsApp) for any inquiries relating to crypto trading and strategies

  2. Sorry…. Not buying it…. Focusing all your attention on Bitcoin is a dangerous game. Bitcoin has not evolved since it came out…. Took me 24 hrs to confirm 20$…. That's unacceptable for a currency. Diversify…. Bitcoin won't win out.

  3. Unit bias meant as I knew I'd not pay 19k to get a whole Bitcoin so I got litecoin & Etherium…now it's dropped yes I got a Bitcoin but I still have more of each of the other top 6

  4. I think after a while, people will soon learn that all they need to do is take a little bit of money from their paychecks each week and buy into Bitcoin (since a lot of people can't afford one whole Bitcoin). I believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and maybe a couple of other cryptocurrencies might make it in the end as a source for storing wealth. I believe that when Bitcoin hit Too High Amounts, people will try to Buy into those other coins. I don't know how many people will be able to afford one of the other coins (if they haven't purchased more than one of the other coins by now). They have been super in expensive, but I know that trying to scrape up $200 or more can be hard, I'm just thinking that by then, when Bitcoin begins to soar, how are people going to be able to afford these same cryptocurrency coins then? You know what I mean? I'm hoping that people get in a habit of purchasing a fraction of Bitcoin so that it can help them in the future by doing the same with other coins. We do not have to be super rich to buy in. We just got to do it! before it gets too high. Bitcoin and the other coins (are like gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum, and cubic zirconia). LOL. I'm just saying after you try for the gold and realize it's too expensive,and then go for the silver, and then go for the copper, and then go for the brass, and the aluminum like everything else after that, it is just granite, sand plastic, Etc it's nothing. y'all know what I mean. LOL buy some Bitcoin and Litecoin and ripple.

  5. Sure btc will go up in the short to medium term. Eventually it will be knocked off its top spot by a network that actually delivers a product and doesn't take 3hrs to send transfers on. Then btc will become just another altcoin

  6. Coins, tokens n exchanges die everyday in crypto! Those that do what they say those that show proof n follow there white paper will survive, n I think those that are integrated into big institution exchanges will out survive those small cryptos with no progress .n I do see the Dcoupiling affect, seems like alts arent comeing up like BTC, not following the BULL like they use too? will see when BTC keeps going higher if Alts follow or not,sum mite just die off!!

  7. I can’t have a whole Bitcoin, so I’ll buy something else. Well, buy something else, there isn’t a 1/2 if Bitcoin for the 36 million, millionaires in the world. When they decide to own some, that’s right, not one whole Bitcoin, The thousandaires, will have been priced out a long time ago.

  8. I doubt it will ever kill XRP and I'm willing to bet an entire Bitcoin. I have 4.35 and I'll share the wallet address. Won't to take the bet. We can talk about how we can make it legitimate and on the up and up. If not, this post is nothing but clickbait

  9. That's nonsense saying all…BUT Most coins i think will die from lack of product, development and adoption. No way coins like XRP, ADA, EOS, TRX, IOTA, VET, and a few other will die…

  10. You maximalist crack me up. You hate governments yet you are shitting yourselves with joy that institutions are going to come in a manipulate your market. What do you think these institutions are? They have banking licenses. Lol. I own it but am not naive to the fact that they will manipulate it on a massive scale. Just like the futures killed the last bull run. Look when they went active and when the market peaked.

  11. Fidelity can go fuck themselves, same logo as the US petro dollar with the illuminati pyramid on it. Same cabal of people running the show. Absolute disgrace people are not seeing this.

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