$10 XRP PATTERN – BULLS ready to RUN

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8 thoughts on “$10 XRP PATTERN – BULLS ready to RUN”

  1. 10 buck xrp still makes xrp a joke because litecoin started 1 year after xrp and costed a little less and as you know its worth over 100 bucks now so why are you all so bullish about 10 bucks when if they scraped 40trillion off their circulateing supply makeing it 100 bucks as it should be by now. now yes litecoin seems to be dieing now however it does not excuse xrp of the low super bearish price.

    Heres the truth all ripples partners buy at the public price and immediantly get 100 bux+ a coin useing the public market to fuel the closed uncapped market for Ripple and its partners!

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