10 Tips To Manage Your Crypto Portfolio Like a Boss!

Bitcoin Crossing $8,300 does not indicate that we will not go back to $5,000 level, I hope not but we can, though most likely not. But what it does indicate that there is a change in trend, it’s a signal to the world that the bulls are back. The current run can be attributed to Halving in one year, Consensus 2019, Bakkt approval and launch timing. We will have dips and fud as well but it’s important. #Bitcoin

Many of you have been through a tough bear market and preparation now will be…


12 thoughts on “10 Tips To Manage Your Crypto Portfolio Like a Boss!”

  1. Go BIG or go home is my plan. Screw the don't risk more than you can afford to loose crap! Borrow some money from the criminal banks and loose that crap if you're going to loose something. Are you really going to need a good FICO score in the future? Hold a good portion in the top coins and gamble on what you think will be great projects with the rest. What could go wrong?

  2. If you're doing anything except for hodling learn the basics people! Triangles, channels, fib lines, resistances, supports, stop losses at least!!! It's helped me a ton, there's no way I'll repeat the mistakes of 2018. Have tight stop loses if you day trade. Also thanks for the video again! Good luck out there everybody

  3. I drive a truck 12 14 hours a day and I don't have time to do my own research unfortunately so you guys and five or six other YouTubers are pretty much all the information I get but I've been doing pretty good even the down market I think that's being aware helps a lot

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